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Will I have an everlasting happy love in my life? Currently, I am in a devastating divorce settlement with Michael. My dob, 12/24/1962, at 03.15am. Before I married him, I owned a property, had a career. When we got married, I sold my property to pay the mortgage off of his property, trusting him totally without putting my name to the ownership of the house that he currently has.
For the whole last year, I homeless and lived in refuge, hostel, motel, sleep in public toilets etc. Since then, I'm renting which I consider a blessing. Nevertheless, I'm still going through therapy because of abuse too.
So, what do you see in me as a whole? Thank you for your time.

Dear Faridah,
first of all allow me to thank you for letting me see in you and read for you.
I found your question in the question pool and felt the need to answer it.
As you probably already know, fate is not written on stone, most things follow a process of cause and effect. It is our own deeds and will that will shape our future, to a large extent.
This said let's move on with your reading.
You seem to be in a kind of a bondage still, both a financial one, but most importantly a spiritual one. It is as if you have not clearly seen what happened and why your life took this horrible turn and you lost it all. Your thoughts are, at times, still like black ominous birds.
This is normal, as you have been through serious abuse.
The effect of your past on you is heavily imprinted on your psyche, as if you have lost faith in love. This is normal , again, but this wound should heal.
You still have a rather long process in front of you, a struggle that will last for some time.
Again, this struggle is on both the material and the spiritual level.
You seem to be suffering from 'nightmares', your psyche finds it hard to stay in a regular shape, your soul still aches. Have trust that all this will pass. You have to find new faith in your self and in life.There are good people around you, right now I feel you cannot clearly distinguish who are good and who could be harmful. You need more time, and inner work.
This year seems to be, still, a little hard for you. The worst part is over of course, but there is still trial, in the sense of fighting and conquering your nightmares, both those in your sleep and in your waking life.
But next year, 2015 will be different. There seems to be some good aura around you, some nice opportunity in love around mid April 2014. Give or take a couple of weeks. You will be feeling much better by then. And you will have to risk and trust a man again.
This is what I see and feel regarding your question my dear.
As a side note I would like to tell you that I get very sweet vibrations from you. You seem to be the kind of a person who prefers to take all the poison herself, rather than hurting somebody else. A sweet and spiritual being. These gifts will unfold even better in the future.
Take good care of yourself and love yourself
I will be happy to hear good new from you


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