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I am currently healing from a minor set back that had to do with an ex-acquaintance of mine named John Love( 6/19/1994). John had wronged me last semester and accused me of something that I had not done. I just would like to know:  why does John stare at me when we are in class together? My birthday is 5/3/1994. I am a female, and he is a male

He feels you are a liar and he feels a heat towards you. Anger like he  has unfinished business with you. he seems drawn to you. like he cannot help but look at you but his thoughts are not pleasant. He seems sure you did what he accused you of and seems to be unable to move on from what happened. Even though you are moving on ( good for you) he is not. He seems to be eager for you to make another bad move or do something so he can once again be a ring leader to point out you doing more wrong. Try to ignore him. I know this has to be hard with his constant attention but he is truly up to no good.  


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