Hi Shepherdess, I hope you are well!

Wondering when Rob (13th oct - born in Perth, Australia) & I (4th July - born in Melbourne, Australia) will conceive our first child?

Thanks so much!

Dear Amy,

Thanks for writing back -- so you are 4th July 85 & Rob is 13th Oct 81. Gotcha:)

First, your energy: Feels like you worked very hard last year, started or lifted something off the ground, and laid the foundation for success, feels like business-related. Could also be home, as in placing your roots somewhere definitively. This year, you can expand more, move about, explore and view what you've done. With this, I also get a sense of a power struggle, and again, I may be at work/business. It feels like that, though you have settled down, so to speak, you're still questioning things and aren't quite as grounded as you may think. I'm hearing "leave it alone; don't make it worse; don't rock the boat." Kind of, "It's good where it is; you can't buck the system," or something like that.

Feels to me, with a child, with your energy only, a good time to conceive would be November 2015. You're just not quite settled yet, and I feel like you're kind of pushing this. I also hear the word "silver," whatever that means. Do you want or prefer silver to gold, as in rings, etc.

Now on to Rob's energy: Again, I feel a lot of work around him; you are both worker-bees. He has more mood swings than you do, at least this year and the next, he kind of goes in and out, doesn't feel as steady as usual. Because he's a naturally "steady, solid" person, very practical, but really likes and needs challenges. You're both really going to test your sense of freedom when you bring a child in. So I still feel he has some time left to work things through, as well, and I just don't want to place it before late 2015. There's a lot left for you to do together, just you two, and travel is involved, and just pure fun. Get away from the work as much as you can. Just watch your ego; you in particular can get really determined and strong-willed, and I feel/see you "leading him around" in a sense. Cultivate more warmth and seek a "nesting" place just for the two of you for a while. Then, when you get used to that and have created this place, it will provide the perfect setting and time for a new life.

Feel Rob needs to resolve some issues he's still working with since childhood that required him to be very independent, and he's also a real romantic, much "softer" in general than you are, just personality-wise, BUT he's not one to show his feelings -- I get a quiet feeling around him. He will really be overprotective as a father -- I think to make up for his lack of happiness or security in his own childhood, but he's just not ready for it yet. I think you may have started to "talk yourselves into" the idea that it's a good time to try to start conceiving now, but I feel rushed about that. He also has to forgive someone. He knows who this is. Even if they don't know he's forgiven them, he has to process it. With this child, I just get a slight sense of imbalance, or "not ready yet," as if I'm ready to go on stage, but the crew in the back are saying, "Not so fast! We have to build the set, so go back to your dressing room!":))

The dates/months I hear are February, or the 2nd day of a month, and January, or the 1st of a month. Also, feel Rob may have some intimacy issues he may need to work on, so you both have plenty of time. I hear Margery or Margaret or a form thereof, the 7th or 11th of a month as significant to this somehow, and April 3, and the whole month of April this year feels like a time to pay attention to details. Go over things carefully; something is being left out somewhere, and I don't know where it is, but it's integral to your relationship. It could be as simple as a lost birth certificate or piece of paper, because I'm seeing stacks and stacks of papers, files, books. Something needs to be straightened out, evened out, with clarity, before you can really move forward and think about a child.

I hope this helps, and thank you so much for writing.

God's Blessings,


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