I have been single 7 years. I have been dating this man who is the best in how he treats me. I believe a lot has to do with us both being older, knowing what we want and don't want. We are both financially sound and likes to do nice things for me, and me for him. I am having trouble trusting since my last relationship was a liar. From a psychics feeling, does this relationship seem to have long term feel? That will be really good for both of us? I have the impression he is going to ask me to marry him soon.

April 10, 1964

Thank you

Dear Ellen,
I found your question in the question pool and chose to answer it as it, somehow, spoke to me.
The feelings I get are the following:
You have managed to save your mental health and clarity through trial and pain. This means that you are a survivor of an abusive situation. But you came to this relationship having recovered, to the most part, and being willing to recover fully as well.
He seems to be a strong and generous man. One you can depend on. And emotionally supportive as well, which is a rare quality. You shouldn't be afraid to trust him.
Both of you have been through unsuccessful relationships or marriages. This was a major lesson, and this somehow brought you close because you have both suffered 'defeats' on the personal level, ones owed to wring choices. Also, neither of you was clinging on an outcome, actually you started this relationship with no great expectations of a marriage etc. It was just for the pleasure of sharing.
There seems to be some inner fear hidden in you my dear, you should let this fear go.
Yes, it is possible that there be some triumphant turn in your relationship, one that will show to the world how matched and balanced you are together.
You have to bring a sort of a final closure with your past, and this means leaving behind the insecurities that stem from it, forever. Each one gets what they deserve, and you deserve being with this man for a long long time.
sending you wishes for a happy life


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