My name is Keishia and my date of birth is 06/06/1992, Missouri is my place of birth. I want to know if OJ has been thinking of me? His date of birth is 11/16/1991 and he is from Georgia.

Dear Keisha,

I'll do my best on this, but I'm not usually good at honing in on vague questions or those that are not direct; whether he is thinking about you is kind of vague, but here goes!:)

First, digging around in your energy, I feel you're a talented writer, artist, or researcher of some kind; those feel like your strong points, and due to this, you're extremely "magnetic," in that you tend to draw people to you, especially those who can teach you, help you learn new things, because you're just so incredibly curious and never want to stop learning. I don't feel this is a "student-teacher" relationship in a strictly academic mode, but it's close to that, and in moving toward his energy, which I have to get by reading THROUGH you, if that makes sense, he's close in proximity; he lives nearby; you see him a great deal; he does think of you quite a bit because he is a bit "in awe" of you in some way (and it's not just physical; goes deeper than that). Also, I feel you already know the answer to this question intuitively, but it never, ever hurts to get a second opinion, right?:))

You seem to be connected in a spiritual/mental way; there is the physical, but again, it takes a bit of a back seat right now because I don't feel he's as healthy as you are; something holds him back, whether he eats poorly or doesn't care for exercise, or is caught up in frustration and anger easily, but he doesn't "send it out"; instead, he lets it kind of fester, but if he could be more physical and follow your lead (because I feel you are more active than he is), he can clear lots of spiderwebs in his way.

There's also an element of the see-saw about him; he tends to get really deep and philosophical, and even seem older than he is, at times -- again, making it seem like he's your "teacher," in a way. Then, he turns around and gets almost too "surface" or childlike, even -- HE feels a bit like the Gemini more than you do, in this way (!!), like there are two sides to him, and he's careful about when and to whom he shows these sides. He's warming up to you, and that's good, but just make sure (if you get closer) that he doesn't "drag you down" with a slight hint of depression that he carries around. On the other hand, I feel he's very religious, not just spiritual, and this is his foundation; this will quite literally be his anchor in life. You can tend to be tense and negative, as well, so you both have to really stave those things off by focusing on the gift of spirit and light and goodness and good will. I also particularly like your sense of tradition -- that is YOUR anchor in many ways.

Good luck, and I hope this helps at least somewhat!

Truth and Beauty,

Wait - Symbols and images that come to mind: A "V" is strong, as in an acronym or a place-name where you live or meet or are associated with, such as clubs, associations, groups, and I hear and see cherry and grape lollipops and popsicles, of all weird things, but there it is; a bear; someone is "bear-like" or gives "bear-hugs" -- I do hear "the trinity," so I'm going with either Christianity or the month of March as important, significant, to you both. I may be just picking up on you; not sure. Also see playing cards, a lot of them, and something to do with math or numbers, lists of numbers someone works with. You're not quite in the right field, and I feel you know it; you can do more, and you will; you're working below your level. He has either sisters or is close to his mother, and there's a strong Pisces person around him. That symbol of the fish, but it could also be about Christianity. You carry a "legacy of names" I'm hearing, the children you have / will have are presented with names from your genetic / ancestral line; I see you either rewarding someone with a necklace-medal in a semi-public place, and much happiness, OR you're the one receiving the medal, you know how they do in those ceremonies, and everyone applauds. You or the other person seem to be wearing specific colors and a kind of graduation gown, but I don't think it's about graduation; it may just be a symbol of your sense of accomplishments in life, or those that you have bestowed on others. Also feel you'll be extremely good at "promoting people" and being a sort of cheerleader for the down-and-out. Might be connected to that. Lots of gold, gold-plated things, looks like decor or jewelry, but it isn't ostentatious. And you are the keeper of the past, in that you will tend to be the one to hold sentimental things and important events like births, anniversaries, even death dates, in a book or keep track of it, and people know you for this, and later in life your efforts will be needed and rewarded by someone else. You tell the story of your family in a sense, by doing these things. I think that's all!:))  


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