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Hi. My full name and birthday is in the first name section. Can you tell me about my spirit guides and describe them. How can i communicate with them in case of i want to communicate them? Thank you.

Hi Kristine,
Thank You for giving me the opportunity to read for you. Your reading is as follows;

First of all, I see 3 spirit-guides surrounding you at this time. The first one I see is quite a cheeky one. He is very smart and likes to hide in dark places. He is the guide who will see through all your hidden talents, emotions, fears, all things that you hold deep inside yourself. He will help you to open up and express things that you may not be able to. He will guide you on when, why, where, how and why you should express your hidden personality traits. I dont have a name for him but I see him as a young man and very discreet but direct in his approach.

The second one I see is a woman who is middle-aged and she often appears in your dreams. I am hearing the name Sandy or Sandra. This may be someone who has passed on. I am seeing this guide wearing a light blue dress or nightdress. A strong-minded person who is very disciplined and had strong thoughts. She smells of freshly cut flowers and the colour pink is being shown to me. This may be significant to you. She will send you messages through your dreams.

Thirdly, I see a male guide who is young in mind but is in his late 40's. He is a short man with light coloured hair. Robin or Robert is his name. When you need to find out the truth or need to make a quick decision call for him and he will help you to make a decision.

I hope I have helped
love and light  


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I can answer questions about love, relationships, career, Jobs, Finances, Moving house/location. Sometimes I may answer questions pertaining to pregnancy, however, please consult your doctor for this as this is for entertainment purposes only. If I'm guided I may sometimes answer questions in regards to loved ones who have passed. I will answer only one question of focus. If you would like follow up answers please visit my website and click on one question order to make a purchase and I will follow up on your reading.When you ask questions please state your name and tell me if you are female or male. If I cannot answer your question I will let you know. Or u can video chat with me on username:starlitn2 for a fee. I also answer questions through photo readings. You must send me a photo of yourself or the person you are asking about. One question will be answered only. Your one question reading will contain 1-2 paragraphs depending on the information I receive from my spirit guides.Please do not set your question to private or I may not read for you. If I have already read for you I will not read for you again for another 30 days. So please refrain from asking questions after I have already answered your 1st question.


I have been studying tarot for 12 years now and have also developed skills in Empathic, Clairvoyance, and psychometry. When I give readings I will only give you what you need to know at the time of the reading. I will not give you more than neccessary as this will stunt spiritual growth and also deter you from guidance that is yours. The gift I have has been passed down to me through my Great Grandmother and also other elderly relatives who have passed over. I have given readings both online and offline with most clients coming back for more. My experience is also your experience so allow yourself to enlightened.


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