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My name is Jordan, I am a female, and I was born on 05/03/1994. The person involved is named John, they are male, and he was born on /19/1994. John had wronged me/accused me of things that I had not done. He really hurt me, but now, I am slowly but surely healing and trying to move on from him/his rash actions. This semester, we have another two classes together, and I noticed that he stares at me quite a bit. My question is: Why does John stare at me?


My dear Jordan, this is a very interesting question as it includes much emotional and personal dynamics.
In a few words, what I feel re your question is the following:
This man is over for you, even if it is difficult for you to untangle the whole story and move away from this unhealthy situation yet. Deep inside you know that he is not going to treat you in a just/ fair way. You also feel that his mind works in a strange way, fostering thoughts that are unknown to the others, thoughts that are close to obsession.
I also feel that he likes you (in his mind this equals to being obsessed with you) and by looking at you (and by wronging you, however strange this may sound) he is trying to keep your interest alive. You would not be well with him though, neither as friends nor as a couple, he is too demanding, obsessive, possessive.
The difficult point is that you share these classes, and thus you are, in a way, under the influence he is trying to exert on you, on your mind. The advice is to find ways to shield yourself and be totally impenetrable to his looks, and most importantly, to his efforts to draw your attention.
In time things will be better for you, slowly but steadily. When you are out of his sphere of influence, that is away from him completely, you will be hugely relieved though. In the meantime please try to shield and protect yourself from this obsession. The beginning would be to shed away all guilt that he has planted in you, with his illogical accusations. You are not responsible for what happened between you, but he is trying to make you feel so. It is his nature, rather sick and obsessive, and as I told you before, most of all. his sick way to keep your interest alive, even by molesting you.
be well my dear
and remember to shield and love yourself


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