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I(5/3/1994) am currently moving on from an ex-acquaintance of mine named John(6/19/1994). John had wronged me and had accused me of doing things that I had not done. What he did really hurt me and I am currently healing from it. We have two classes together, and I catch him staring at me quite a but in both of them. My question is: Why does John stare at me?


Hi, Jordan,

It feels like most of what is bugging John has nothing to do with you. He seems to have a lot of anger — over things that have happened in his life, and because he does not know how to process the anger. So it just builds up and he projects everything that's not right in his world onto others, including you. For a lot of people, it's much easier to accuse than to ask and discuss, and continuing to stew and be mad at you must feel better (or at least more familiar) to him than working it out and moving on. John will learn (or not) on his own timetable, and it feels like you are doing exactly what you need to do by healing and moving on. If the staring continues, which may constitute creating a hostile learning environment, speak to the instructor(s) or dean of students.

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