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My name is Jordan and the person involved is named John. I was born on 05/03/1991 and he was born on 6/19/1991. Why does John stare at me in the classes that we share?

Dear Jordan,

First, when I write your name I am hearing it in two syllables; JOR-DAN. There may be someone named George or Dan around you, not sure why I'm hearing it that way. Sounds almost French.

Okay! Your question! Wow John is a bit psychic. He stares at you to "bore holes through you" in a way to "mystically" get your attention, almost like a mentalist does. He has terrific instincts, when he walks in a room it just "lights up" because he carries around a lot of exuberance and charm, though it may not always be honest.

He knows how to get what he likes, and there's something about your head / neck area I keep being pulled toward -- hair is parted in an odd way, on the side of the head, or braids, or something, and I see lots of colors, so this could be in the form of lots of make up or tattoos or -- it's near your face - your hair, your eyebrows, even. Something he finds compelling but it's almost in an artistic way; I think he feels you're artistic and edgy and does indeed have a way of getting inside your head, picking up things about you, nothing major, but it's of an intuitive bent.

I feel like there is a push-and-pull about this; you seem to be the type who sets sights on a person and goes right after them, but instead, he seems to have gotten you "cornered" and you may well have met your match in some way! It's a power trip. Both of you like to be in power. I'm seeing a duel (literally)! with swords, the whole lot. But it's done not in anger but in fun and to match wits. I wish I could tell you he finds you physically attractive, but there's more to it; it feels more like a twin energy, twin soul, call it what you want; someone who "gets" you. I feel like he's musical in some way, he believes in destiny, and he's a bit prone to melancholy/sadness at times. Feel this has to do with his family -- don't feel a tightly knit family around him, feel a distance. With you, I get the opposite.

I just think he's curious about you, too, and you should take that assertiveness of yours and walk right up to him and say something to throw him off a bit but to get him talking. Ask him if he's part Native American. For some reason that feels "right" in an odd sort of way, but it will get things in motion and you won't have to wonder anymore!

Again, it's a feeling of one-upmanship between you, almost like he wants to test wits with you. He likes the way you look, but he's more intrigued with the energy you project, I think. You may find that you come from very different backgrounds but are a lot alike in many ways. Good luck!

Truth and Beauty,

PS - Also January 5 or the 15th of a month cones to me - could apply to anything (that's helpful, isn't it?) and I feel like I'm in the desert, lots of boulders, rocks, dry, arid. This is about you, and I hear "one-ring circus." Don't think you'll match up with him romantically, but it's certainly worth exploring. You're learning how to use and train your mental energy as well, and I can see you practicing this, literally being a "sender" to his "receiver" or vice versa. It's very cerebral.

Truth and Beauty,


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