Keishia (06/06/1992), will my ex OJ (11/16/1991) ever talk to me again? I haven't heard from him for about 2 weeks and didn't exactly get closure.

Dear Keishia,

Thank you for writing. I got an instant "yes" when I read your question. Very affirmative. I feel children around as well; as though they are involved somehow, but I don't feel the children are "yours together." I just get children as a factor in his distance. I don't feel like he's physically gone very far; he still seems near/close in proximity. But this guy has a strong personality. One complex, complicated person! Feel he can be stern, then soften up once you get to know him. But on first glance, I feel like people would notice him because he seems very wise; he has that energy about him that stands out from the crowd.

Feel he wants to control just about everything. It's also difficult to find a "happy medium" with him; he seems to go between two extremes; there is little room for a gray area. Feel he is open, will try anything, everything, can be a bit dramatic and over the top at times, and I feel water around him, like he either loves rain, thunderstorms, or needs to be near the water to center himself. Also is he interested in space, as in space travel, time travel, Star Wars, science fiction, things that are beyond this earth. I hear "he's in orbit," so that's how I'm interpreting it, though it may mean something completely different. He's also very opinionated -- those two extremes again, even in love. He is incredibly romantic and passionate -- more so than you -- but he seems to act on impulse, suddenly, without thinking things through.

I feel like he's not in a very healthy place; something's off. It's something he does or doesn't do to maintain his peak health, and he knows he does this. I don't feel centered -- I feel a bit adrift. But I do feel like he'll return and not necessarily want to close it up once he does return; he may want to remain with you or ask you if you can "start over" with him. I feel he's apologetic about something he did that was very sudden and unexpected. I hear "May," so you might have to wait until then, but it could mean that month will be a significant turning point for your relationship -- as in ending or re-igniting it. Also feel he's proud of his accomplishments but should pat himself on the back more often and not get so frustrated and wound up. Problems with revenge, wanting to get even, get back at someone. There's an inner fight going on with him.

Now, you -- bit of a shift. Do you knit or do something like needlepoint or crochet -- I feel like I'm manipulating very small, intricate objects. I think he appreciates your originality, but you both seem to need space in a relationship. You feel like a bit of a loner at times, and so does he. But in a way, I feel like you enjoy the process of starting over, and you want to end this and draw the official line indicating that it's over, but he's going to want to stay and will waffle back and forth on that. Stick to your guns, but I don't feel like he's going to go easily; I feel arguments, and I hear someone (I think it's you) saying, "You're taking this [other thing] out on me."

I hear Tonya or Tammy or Tanya or Teresa or Tricia or Ta- To- something, a girlfriend of yours. Feel you have many. This may be a nickname. She comes to me I think because she's either not doing well or is ill, or that she's "on your side." This could also be a person who has crossed over.

Feel like when you get sad, you REALLY get sad, but YOUR center is solid, and it's your family and your faith. I feel like you know that no matter what, you have those two bedrocks to anchor you when you feel like you're floating away.

But overall I do feel like he'll return but will not want to officially end it, and you will want to, so again, trust your instincts; they are always right.

I hope this helps, Keishia, and I wish you all the best.

Truth and Beauty,


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