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Hi nice to meet you. I have something I would like to ask. Could I please have insight on any guides that I might have? I do not possess the ability to hear or see them. Sometimes I do ask my angels for insight and they have sent me messages in my dreams before. So I know I'm being heard regardless. But I am interested in knowing more about my spirit guide(s) and how to contact them, any messges they have. I would be grateful for anything really. Thank you for offering readings and have a great day.

Good morning,Jaime--nice to meet you,too.

Well, I am told several things regarding your guides.
First, they are of three varieties: a deceased lady, a cat, and miscellaneous folk who cross your path at the right time, or who speak to you in an unusual way. I would like to add, a recommendation of The Ascended Masters oracle deck by Doreen Virtue because the known and revered ascended guides are represented by this deck and you can establish a greater sense of the network of people, spirits, and energies that do in fact guide you.(or whom youo can ask for guidance)

I should say, I have no single name for you today. I asked my guides (whom I speak to inside and outside of myself) if they had names for you. That's when they gave me the Ascended Master's deck recommendation. The names there include Mother Mary,Ganesh, St. Germaine, Kwan Yen, and many more. You need to be able to ask for specific help in specific areas when you need to.  

As for the lady, she is a large-bodied woman. She is full of laughter, and she has looked after you all of your born days. She is like the Buddha Maitreya, also an ascended master. Maybe you know of her from your dreams or from your family line. She tickled you when you were a baby and your family always say what a happy baby you were. Have you been told that?

There are cats in your life. I saw one in particular, a yellow puff ball. It is alert, observant, kind, present, and affectionate. When you see a cat, know it is always a message to you--select one of the words I just used to describe your cat--then know that is the trait called for in the moment. Cats teach us self love, but each cat--from tiger to Persian has it's particular gift of protection and information. If you have no cat, maybe it's time to get one or pay attention when you see one. Animal guides come in dreams, on TV, and at the homes of our friends. Watch which are presenting in your life. Another resource: Power Animals,by J Edwards. You will want to know your animal guides better.

Dreams area good place to meet your guides. There they can give you more information and avoid sudden manifestations. My own guides speak in dreams to me often and they are everything from elephants to my deceased relatives, to native americans, and unknown people. It's a good thing just to know I have them.

That brings me to the odd encounteres with strangers. One time I was working in a business I owned and a policeman came into the store and asked for a product I did not have. But we started to chat a bit about the subject of the book and before he left, he said the strangest thing:
He said, "They want you to know you are doing a great job. They are proud of you. Keep up the good work and know you are never alone." I said, "what?" He said,"Keep up the good work" and left without buying anything. This was one of many odd encounters and voices that I hear from time to time. So, you must also pay attention to what the Eckankar religion calls, "Golden tongued wisdom." That's when the words you hear seem to stand out, come directly into your mind. It may happen on a bus, standing in a line, or even as part of a conversation with someone about nothing to do with the thing you hear.

One more book--Nikki Scully--The Golden Cauldron. It has guided shamanistic journeys with many guides: ancient and animal, modern and personal. I did them all and am able to call upon those energies and work with them any time. You are developing so take charge of your curiosity and hunger for closer ties by expanding your consciousness of these guides. How fortunate you are.

Here's the love---always S


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