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Hello Edson
Hope all is well with you .I am a female single just turned 38 yrs few days back. So far it has been a tough journey but I still feel blessed because I have taken everything in my stride and believe I have become a better person .My ethnicity is Indian.I now want to settle down and get married.I am not desperate but I really pray that It happens now because I have been alone for a long time .

I will be grateful if you could provide  me with some insights on this issue ?my dob is 23 /02/2014

Blessings to you always

Dear Hina,

Your energies are not yet aligned to invite romance into your life. This is not a weakness you possess, but rather a result of the energies you have been putting toward vocational pursuits for several years. You are still struggling with the decision concerning reallocating the focus of your intentions from the material to the emotional.

Continuing in this vein, you open yourself to the risk of pursuing options for a partner based on material factors alone. This is similar to selecting a horse to ride based solely on knowledge derived from only ever having driven an automobile. The perspective gained from one cannot fully do justice to a decision regarding the other. If you continue in this vein, your satisfaction in both realms of your life will be appreciably limited.

If however, you devote some time over the course of the next few weeks to divesting yourself of the prominence of career and material success in your life, a new path waits to open itself to you. This does not mean your financial concerns are to be summarily discarded, but rather tempered toward a different goal for the time being. Given a partial respite from these matters, you will awaken some dormant priorities concerning what you truly wish for you life. A man lies in your path, waiting only to fall within your widening view. Beneath a surface that does not suggest worldly wealth, he possesses a maturity and wisdom concerning matters of the heart and purpose of life that will quite astound you. With him, you will embark upon a journey leading to rich personal fulfillment, the likes of which you have not yet imagined.

Wisdom and Faith,



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