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Hello Oracle Shariananda,

I am currently in a long-distance relationship with a man from Indonesia while I am from Canada. Differences in our culture and religion are not barriers for us in our relaitonship but may be for his side of the family. We are currently planning for him to move and potentially immigrate to Canada. Do you have any advice or see anything in our future that could potentially help his family's acceptance of our relationship? Do you see his family being open and accepting of our relationship?Any help or guidance is appreciated.  

Thank you for your help.

Hello Yourself, Virginia,
What a thoughtful and clear voice you have used to ask this question. With such forethought, you can have no trouble that can serve as a barrier.

Indonesia and Cananda are very different.From history and governance, to eating, religion, and communication. It matters if you two are the same religion, have the same direct or indirect style of talking, and understand position,age and hierarchy as citiens of markedly different countries with deliberate personal interaction. There is more I can say, but you must not be so quick to think your cultural differences are no problem. They will be the basis for the acceptance of his family, and for his own sense of place with you. It also asks that you know your boundaries. How much of your essential self are you willing to change? As a Canadian,what has defined you? Are you ready or willing to reshape, or modify deep values and behaviors to be accepted and to bond with whom he feels you must? Is it a requisite that you do so? Know that you are in for the long haul, a transformative way of being over time. So is he. What do you expect of him and what does he expect of your family?

Mine was a two year long distance relationship with a Danish citizen. We courted by Internet and phone with a couple visits each way; our passion and attraction served us well, but language, and world view, customs and racial self-presentation has, up to the present time, played havoc with us. Still we married and we take ti a day at a time. To my dismay, the family expected me to be able to know Danish eating and social rituals--which included sitting at the dinner table for hours after the meal chatting. Not how it's done in America. We retire to the living room or family room. The governing principle is "intimacy" among friends and family. I was leftout when all spoke Danish,the language of their intimacy and bonding, and no one saw it as an insult or as rude behavior. So there I was stuck at the table with nothing to add in Danish.

I tell you this so you can prepare for the eventuality of being with his family. You may be able to write ahead or call, but I do not think you can be known or appreciated ahead of the actual interactions for they judge by a subliminal system of saying yes when they mean no and vise versa. You will be expected to know who is who, of what age, of what position, and how to speak--especially how to not to speak-- as a Canandian (direct and nationalistic) depending on which province you come from.

His trip to you will be fine and your time together--before you meet his family or greet them-- will be harmonious. His having chosen you speaks volumes. How traditional a wife can you be? How traditional does he want you to be?

You can best prepare by study and by having him coach you. If you give a gift make sure it is appropriate to the religion and use the right hand.  Because you both come from countries that are diverse and from countires that love family, your rightness in this regard will connect with his family when you meet them, but until you are woven into the fabric of things, you will appear as a stranger to his people.

The male-female dynamic, the age differences, and the ideology or expectations of marriage will need to be talked about, deeply, honestly, again and again as you sort, and balance. I recommend you read Elizabeth Gilbert's Commitment. It is the follow up to Eat,Love Pray.

Finally, I recommend you do meditations where you visualize his family, not only welcoming you, but embracing and taking you to the heart of their family identity. This is a way to prepare. Besides, visualization works to manifest your will. What's not to love? You have courage, personal beauty, wisdom, willingness to risk, and open-fairness in every relationship. So, up with positive thinking.You will be a hit.

A side note--you must also think about his reception and his acceptability to your friends and family. Know what you are trading and exchanging of yourself.Know who it is he is seeing, romance verus realism.

I do not think, as an Oracle, that I can advise you better. I wish you love, luck, and incredible bonding with understanding. Shariananda


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