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Me and my significant other have known one another for about 4 years .  We're both 18 and he lives in Illionis and I in Massachusetts. We so badly want to be.together but I'm scared I'm waiting for nothing and when and if we meet we won't end up together.  Do you have any advice that could possibly.Help And reassure me that I'm not making a huge mistake. Thank you

Hi, Alyssa,

I see a bond that will teach you about what it means to build a relationship, to trust another person, and to make decisions about that relationship that are based both on caring for the other and respecting yourself. I think you are on the right track with that. As to how that will all play out — that's harder to say, since there is free will on the part of both of you.

When I tune into his energy, it feels like he is kind of in the same place as you — wanting to move forward but a bit afraid of doing so. It also feels like he has a lot of distractions and things going on in his life, and this is fueling your fear that the relationship may be a mistake. This looks like a relationship that started online, and there are always anxieties about taking it face to face — will it be the same, will it be totally different, will it really work. Be patient with yourself as you sort through this.

You are not waiting for nothing. You are waiting for the next step, which is as much as any human being can handle at one time. Is the next step setting up a meeting? Asking him what he thinks about setting up a meeting? Talking about it with parents? Buying plane or bus tickets? Whatever that next step is, just focus on that and what would bring you happiness and peace of mind. Then move forward with that step and when you're ready, decide on the next.

Mistakes look like epic failures, but most are awesome opportunities for learning and growth. They often end up being "twists of fate" that make your life better than you could have imagined. It's tempting to think it means you've done something "wrong" when things don't turn out the way you'd hoped . . . when actually it just as likely means there is something better waiting down the road.

All that said — take the precautions anyone should use when taking an online relationship offline: meet in a public place, take someone else along or make sure another person knows where you're going and when you're expected back, don't get into a car with him, etc.

Take care, take some deep breaths, and let me know how it goes.

All blessings,


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