I need an uplifting message as I have difficulties at present.
I am a woman livin in Europe.


Thank you

ANSWER: Dear Yasuko,

I do not know what your "difficulties" are, but I do know that at age 40, you have your free papers. That means anything that opposes you, anything that challenges you, anything that you are asked to do can be done and overcome. Womanhood is the willingness to face things squarely and to take them on whether fearful or confused, but to go into the challenge with your eyes wide open.

You have been on the planet for more that 39 years, now on your way to your 41st year. In that time you have met challenges of love, money, loss,and health, even work. You have survived and come back to balance and normalcy. This you will aways do as long as you are alive.For the force of your will,and the strength of your resolve, as in writing to me, will take you back to sanity, order, stability and a sense of wholeness.You are not alone. You have a good mind.

Do night fight against your troubles, face them and move through, one day at a time. If you believe in God, just thank God for the next day, the next minute, for breath, and sight, and a whole unbroken body, and for any friends--even me--. Here's the Daily Word--as a gift

Sunday, March 16, 2014
Nonresistance delivers me to peace and power.
Resistance: We may think it refers to arguments or physical altercations, but more commonly, resistance is mental. We often resist circumstances, people, or beliefs we find difficult to accept.

We are resisting whenever we oppose, criticize, or resent. However, nonresistance is infinitely more powerful. Nonresistance is not mere tolerance; it is integrity that offers no opposition. We look for similarities, not differences. We have no enemies, because we are not an enemy.

When my mind seeks agreement, agreement becomes possible. I may not immediately see the solution, but I can be willing to see it. This act of nonresistance is the manifestation of the Divine in me. As I practice it, peace flows through me, from me, and to me.

Do not resist an evildoer.—Matthew 5:39

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QUESTION: Thank you for this precious message.
I am sorry I did not ask you any particular question.
I red your profile and thought you preferred not to work on questions.
What I would love to get advice about is wether I should relocate in another City or Country for a brighter future.
In the Country where.I am now is very difficult to find and keep a stable job.
I sent you a similar message through Facebook,too.
Please do not take it into consideration if you read this first.

Thank you so much

I did not expect a follow up from you as I did answer the question you asked at length. But your manner and gratitude have tugged at my heart, so I write you a brief response to the question of moving on to attempt to find work and a sense of fulfillment in another place.

I drew you a card and meditated briefly and what I see is that you will do well to farm where you are.
That is so crazy I know, but you have the power and the potential to rent or use a friend's land to plant and grow needful food for others who suffer or have little. You can actually create a new sense of prosperity and purpose by taking charge. If not, buy cheap and wholesale and sell for less, door to door or by means you choose.

It may be a while before the veggies come up, but we are at the beginning of spring, and soon you can harvest.

In a new land, you will have to adapt to systems, procedure, and even housing and life support (Tv, phone,transportation, and networking) to do. This is a hard start again. You have the resilience to do so as I said in my first letter to you, so trust your power of intuition and your spirit of determination. So, don't move first, try to create self-sufficiency (and help for others) where you are.  Sincerely, please leave me an evaluation. Shariananda  


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