My name is Kayla my date of birth is July 17 1992 I have been unemployed for a couple of months with jobs lined up now in the future which is good but makes this month a real toss up. I want to know if everything will be alright money wise and with a place to stay. It feels like whenever I find myself becoming grounded another ingredient is pushed into the pot. But I guess that's life. :) I just want to know what the next couple of months have to hold since I'm on my own and I want to be successful.
Thank you for your time.

Hi, Kayla,

It feels to me like your finances will be in pretty good shape, even if money is a little tight while things get going. As far as a place to stay — I think there is a solution you may not be seeing. This could be an apartment complex you've overlooked because it's perceived as too expensive or not well run, temporary quarters that could become long term, or even an opportunity to share housing. I would suggest taking another look at your options. Overall, though, this feels like a very positive time for you. You're going to get the chance to show everyone (especially you) what you can do.

All blessings,


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