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Hi Kimberly,i don't know if you remember me.I was in contact with you not too long ago.My name is Vernelle,born May 8,1963.I will try to be as brief as i can.If not please forgive me.I am supposed to get a physical exam at the end of this month on the 29th.They said they will check to see how bad my neuropathy is i think in my body,hands and feet.And of course i think you know i am dealing with a major heart problem called Diastolic Dysfuncion.They also call it Diastolic Heart Failure,which for some people gets worse over time.I am in stage 2.There are 4 stages.I'm highly concerned about that.Do you still see me getting approved soon for SSI?.If you don't want to answer that i will understand.Another major problem is i have been living with my oldest son.His name is Tyrone,born September 15,1980.He is involved with this woman named Tanya for more than 2 years somewhat.She is a gold digger.My son kept allowing her to move here,then a short time later she leaves.She is into illegal drugs and she drinks.Everytime she is here she cops an attitude and says nothing to me.She text on her phone that my son bought her alot and acts as though other people are more important than he is.Most of the time my son acts like no matter how bad she behaves,even to me,she could do nothing wrong.She even sees other guys behind my Tyrone back.She had her son and daughter with her most of the time she came.Now the kids real father recently was awarded custody of her kids and they will soon head to Michigan to be with him.Do you see their relationship finally coming to an end.Whatever it takes to open his eyes and make her leave im hoping it would happen soon,like yesterday.And since she says nothing to me,i say nothing to her.I am hoping you can please answer.Thank you for your time.

hello was having trouble with my computer. so sorry.

I feel you are correct in gold digger, but more than that, she likes to have control or feel that she does and he gives this to her as he is somewhat passive and kind. She does not truly care about him but only cares what he can give to her, which is really the feeling of being in control. He longs to have someone love him and deep inside does not want to acknowledge that she does not, he goes in and out of truth in his heart regarding this. Feels some love is better than no love. For some reason he feels 'not good enough' to tell her to take a hike because then he would have no one. She will leave on her own eventually when she tires of this current game. I am sorry for your son. He seems like a very kind man.

I do feel you will get the SSI, but not until you place along their game of tests and checks and balances. Patience, once you have it, all will settle down for you.  


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