My name is John and my DOB is 3/20/77.  

I'd like to know whether or not my wife Amy and I will be able to reconcile or if it's time to move on.

Her DOB is 8/31/71

Thank you!


Dear John,

Thanks for writing! OK, first thing I feel from you is related to a person or something in the past that you wish could still be realized, but it feels firmly entrenched in the past. Also I feel thirsty all of a sudden and slightly lethargic. Do you drink enough water - do you have slight depression or have you gained weight or felt bloated -- feel I'm being pushed, pushed past where I want to go, with Amy, who has more physical energy right now than you seem to, and she also seems to have plans for things in the future lined up, and they don't quite coincide with your pace; you need more time, but she wants to start working on these plans, whatever they are, NOW. I don't feel like she'll throttle back and that it's been a point of contention -- something about moving forward in some manner --- work, new home, new job, some change she seems to want but you are not ready for.

Also feel you holding a grudge, using a protective shield, not showing your real emotions. Part of this is just how you are, but I feel like she makes you want to retreat further into a the distance -- I do get "away from her" -- but I can't feel how this will play out time-wise. Maybe it just means you need to go now. I see you going, not her. Hear her saying, "How am I supposed to know how you feel?" Sense of exasperation.

In her element, your are very powerful and do best when you can either be the leader in a partnership or the one to whom someone looks for comfort, and I feel like Amy is a leader-type as well, so that's where I get conflict. I feel like you realize you can be difficult to understand at times, but your "two halves" have created a deeper crevice than usual because I feel I'm almost two people; one for her, the other for the world, yourself.

Amy's energy feels very "hasty, fast." It's a risk-taking, unconventional sort of energy, it seems to zigzag, whereas yours goes in a pretty straight line at a reasonable clip. She can do tremendously creative things, and she can pull off things other people would balk at, but she's also the creator of her own chaos, and I'm seeing that kid in the Charlie Brown cartoon who carries a blanket with him everywhere -- lots of "stuff" attached to her. I can't recall that cartoon, but the words "Charlie" or "Brown" might mean something. Also the month of January or the first of a month feels significant between you, and May 4 or the number 54 comes up, especially with you (could be an age of someone you know, or an age at which someone passed across), but when I hear/feel this, I see that you need encouragement. She's not encouraging you.

Don't like this feeling, and wish I felt differently for your sake, but I do feel a split or separation.Feel you already are at a distance from her and this has begun. She's really intelligent, sharp, on the mark, set, go, but quirky and confusing. I don't dislike her; in fact, I feel she's much like you are, and you're well mated for many things, like work on a project, or work toward a common goal, belief system, cause, etc., but I think the zing has gone out of the marriage connection. I really hate to write this and hope I'm wrong. Please remember, you know your life much better than I or anyone else, so whatever your gut instincts are telling you, by all means GO IN THAT DIRECTION. Don't second-guess your hunches.

Also feel another woman around her with another "A" name, could be sister or sister in law or friend, but this woman is on her side. Also hear/feel Amy will not take "no" for an answer. Something about a jewelry box comes up for some reason; and the word "translucent," which makes me think of art, but could certainly mean something else. Does she work with skin care or do some sort of holistic health regime or anything along those lines -- otherwise don't know what translucent means but it does pertain to your relationship and they tell me you will understand.

I wish I had happier news to deliver, but that's what I get. Please ask around, get many more opinions, consider this carefully, etc. Also see a lot of red around her, either with lipstick, clothing, car, decor, RED. Her energy wants to take over so I must stop now and leave you with this -- wishing you only the best --

Truth and Beauty,


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