Dear Valila,
Thank you for your reading and for writing to me.
I did appreciate your work
You hit a good point regarding my past trouble and it's true I still have
a bit of depression I have to get rid of.What I don't understand in the reading is the place you saw for me.
I do not have a lot of places I have memories of except Japan(where I would not go)
and UK.So I have no clue.
I would have loved getting some new info about future.

My dear
thank you for writing and telling me a few things about yourself.
I do understand, and before telling you some more perhaps I should explain to you how I work.
Images and feelings come in a shapeless form, and then I have to give them form and substance.
This is the energy surrounding you at this time, around your present and the short-term future.
Much depends on yours (each person's) choices, which can often alter possible outcomes.
As to the place mentioned in the previous reading, perhaps I did not write it clearly enough (this is sort of automatic writing). It could be a place you have memories from, or a place that, for some reason is related to your childhood (or another era of innocence, it could be your first youth too..)
It could be a place you lived in or visited, or a place that for some reason rings familiar to you, it may for example be a place/ country you would like to visit, that attracted you since you were very young. This is a sort of a bonding too, in the sphere of dreams.
It is also possible that there was someone in your family or close circle of acquaintances that had bonds with this place.
The point is that, for some reason, this is delayed for now, but it appears in your future. It will be some time till you feel ready for that move - perhaps because there are still some things to finish where you are now, but also, I feel, you are not yet totally ready for this move. Healing and closure should take place first.
You will also have to do things, move, 'chase your luck' as we say, in order to find and grab an opportunity.
But the good news is that there is much light at the end of this process, success seems to be coming your way, and also financial and material security and stability.
Thank you once again for your feedback
wishes and blessings


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