Christine 8/25/79
Frankie   2/18/88

Is he the right one for me? Dating almost 4 months

Dear Christine,

Thank you for writing. Bless you; I feel like you need his "approval" or something. That's the first thing I get. It's not about trying to impress him as much as it is about making sure that he's "on your side" and worrying almost too much about it -- this also feels like it goes for almost everyone who becomes important to you. Christine, you have a heck of a lot to give, and that kind of loyalty doesn't come along often -- you have a gift, so don't give it away so easily, and certainly don't worry about things like "Am I good enough?" Ask the reverse once in a while, but most important, ask yourself (and listen to your sharp intuition when you get an answer) "Are we good for each other?" You have an inherent "knowing" about these things that I think you tend to block out because you don't trust that you are as psychic as you are. I feel like many synchronistic things have happened in your life, many things that are just too mind-blowing to have been coincidences in their accuracy, and that this is due to you creating your own, personal magic in your life -- often without knowing you're doing it. Your subconscious is knocking at the door and wants to be let in more often!:))

To Frankie in particular: I get him all by himself, set apart, but on purpose, and "WITH" purpose. He's not easily approachable; has an air of quietness that makes, shall I say, "lesser men" either not want to go near him or literally be scared of him because he has a strong sense of personal power, and also of perfection. I see one of those tall Native American art pieces made out of wood -- you know what I mean? The tall, stern, proud Indian Chief kind of thing? and that's how I feel others see him. He's complicated, but very attractive on a soul and physical level, and I can see why you're already into him so quickly. The word "exacting" comes to mind with him -- he knows exactly what he wants to do with his life, even in career, and seems like he always has; he has a certain nobility of presence, and he knows this and uses it to his advantage; but the only thing that nags at me is that he will become so successful that he'll forget his compassion and become too authoritarian, even dogmatic. Not right now, but in later years, he's going to have to watch that.

I have the number 8, did you meet on the 8th of a month or is August significant for some reason -- also heavy communication, the brain, the mouth area -- I'm getting the mouth and the brain, and he's either some kind of lecturer/teacher, astute with words, or is a  mentalist/alchemist. Leader.

Now I'm swinging back in your direction -- don't see you with him for the long term in a marriage or long-term relationship, but I do see you keeping in close touch with each other because you are of like minds and can teach each other many valuable life lessons. Also hear "49" and "29" with you; think I'm with ages on this one (unless you can break them down to something meaningful/significant), as though those two ages are years in which you will feel particularly strong and centered; 29 especially, as in coming to life, shedding some of this uncertainty about yourself and emerging a stronger person. You are really much more powerful than you're either letting on, or letting people know. Maybe you do this kind of work, but on the side, or in secret. I feel like he's "one of the ones," but I'm still a bit wary of him taking more than he gives. You're gifted, Christine. Trust yourself more. Frankie can teach you a great deal, but you have many offerings, as well.

Truth and Beauty,


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