My name is Carlene dob Dec 1, 1991. Born in Edmonton AB Canada.
Person im asking about is Sheena dob Dec 5, 1992. Also born in Edmonton AB Canada.

My question is, is anything gonna come out of this situation between me and her? Romantically.

Thank u so much.

Dear Carlene,
thank you for giving me the chance to read you and for you.
As you probably already know no outcome is written on stone, and much depends on our ability to know when to proceed and when to delay our action.
This said let's move on with your reading.
You seem to have waited for Sheena for some time, and, somehow tired from this waiting, you are having doubts whether she will finally turn to you and start a relationship with you.
And still, she does not seem to be ready for a relationship with you right now. As if there has been disruption in her life that has upset her self-confidence and hurt her pride. I do not think that this has something to do with you though, it is other things that happened and made her 'retire' in a way. Perhaps some hard separation/ break-up.
The advice for you is not to offer her your romantic feelings at this moment. She is not going to appreciate them, it is not the right time.
Nor is there any favorable outcome for you two (romantically) in the near future. In the more distant future there could be some 'experiment' between you two, but I am not sure this is what you really want. However I feel you should 'stay still' at this time and not offer her the romantic feelings you have in store for her. Be patient, open you eyes and 'see'. And if you have the patience to wait a little more perhaps some possibilities will open up, but much later. It is a little far away in time for me to tell you more, much could change because of life's tides and lows.
wishing you well


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