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hello shepardess my name is john and my birthday is feb 28.  Would love to know what the cards have to say about my near future.  I am very interested in knowing how finances will be looking for me - boring question I know im sure you hear that one 1000 times a week haha.  Willing to hear anything the cards want to tell me.  thanks

Dear John,

Happy belated birthday! This is never a boring question -- it's direct and to the point, and I appreciate those!

I'm hearing "voice" -- as in "voice work" -- do you do this in some capacity -- or can you turn that into a second job, a part-time job that you might even be able to do from home? I feel entertainment around you but it's more behind the scenes -- at least right now -- and it's something directly related to what you say, so I'm going with voiceover work.

Financially, I feel like you always have been able to keep a tight reign on that without being overly concerned; it's like you seem to draw money in pretty easily and you can keep a good balance going, but I'm hearing "deep freeze," and I feel like I'm with a Leo person related to this. Feels like either you will or would do well to freeze up or hold some of your assets this year -- don't touch part of your income; put it somewhere where you can't touch it -- feels important. Again, though, I get entertainment, and I feel you do one full-time job that you may not really like but have the skills to do, and you save the "love job" for your sideline, and that they are totally separate. I get a 3 and a 26 in relation to money this year, so break that down or use it however it might fit; March or the 26th of a month or something feels significant, and there's not so much emphasis on "saving" as usual, though you certainly want to do that, but more on "not touching" something. And again, it's Leo-related, so could occur around July/August or deal with a Leo person. Also are you in an area that might be hit or was hit by tornado/hurricanes, natural disasters -- feel you may have to deal with finances regarding home repair or containment of some kind.

I also hear Charlotte, Shalott, as in Lady of Shalott, makes me think of the stage again; Charlotte as in a name someone uses but it isn't "her" name - an actress who uses this name -- am I with Charlotte Bronte -- I feel I'm going back to the classics with these names for some reason. This may be related to a totally different area in your life. You seem to know how to mix illusion and reality on a regular basis, and you're quite a "wizard" I want to say at this kind of thing. You wear many hats and may also use your money this year to help take care of someone else. Feel like you're moving farther away from the conventional and materialistic and into the "magic of making money." You do have a flair for this; you can create it in unusual ways simply by recognizing it as energy that flows in and out; feel you're already doing this. You can teach "techniques" to people as well on how to do this. The simplicity of it throws most people off; they think it has to be very complicated or obtuse or mystical, but it's the easiest thing in the world, as long as you have intent, belief, gratitude, and focus. GRATITUDE is a huge part of it -- You have that, you have everything. Also, I feel you'll either volunteer or give away part of it to a charity or charities; this is another very natural way to make more money, but most people see it as the opposite. I feel like you "get that" and understand the respect the give and take and how the GIFT becomes the reward. It's like breathing; you breathe in, out, and it flows naturally when you're not thinking about it. So don't overthink it EXCEPT for those partial "frozen" assets that I feel you would do well to put aside for the entire year where they can collect interest, even just a little.

They keep indicating that you have this well under control, and that you'll feel more and more confident and assured about this as you go through the year. I can even see you doing your own taxes, working with accounting, etc., and handling that just fine as long as you don't let it become an obsession. Worry is your enemy; gratitude and love toward finances and turning it into a "good word" and a positive thing, even paying bills, is the trick.

Good luck, and thanks again for writing!

Truth and Beauty,


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