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I feel like someone is obsesse with me. Please tell me who it is? It's like someone keeps thinking about me?  What does this person look like? Could it be someone I interact with online? Have you ever had this experience? It can be very distracting.  
Thanks in advance,
Marla April 25, 1983

Hi, Marla,

It feels like there is a female who has a really bad attitude toward you. I don't think it's an obsession per se, but you seem to be her scapegoat of the week — next week or next month, she'll probably be blaming all her problems on someone else. I think she's someone you used to work with or spend time with, and she has perceived you as a threat for reasons that have more to do with her than with you.

Whoever this is, did you give her permission to affect your life in this way? That's what is coming through most clearly for me — that this is a golden opportunity for you to learn some psychic protection techniques so that other people's stuff doesn't have to be your stuff. There are various meditation and visualization techniques, crystals, etc. — I hesitate to recommend anything in particular as different methods resonate for different folks. The important thing is for you to take charge of your own energy and well-being.

All blessings,


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