Hi, i am tami 02/23/1983. I an Hoping to find out my spirit guides name(s?) and a little about them? and to know when they are with me?. Also would like to know if they have any messages, please?

Dear Tami,

Everyone can reach their own spirit guides better than any outsider, but from what I get, it feels like they "signal" you with the plus sign. It's not a cross; it's when you see the plus sign in everyday life, like in math, just going about your day and NOT looking for them. That's when they'll show up, unless of course you ask them to come forward in prayer or a deeply felt meditation. Meditation does not have to last long in this case; they are always around, but angels, in particular, do not seem to come forward unless asked; they are what I would call modest, in human terms, whereas spirit guides are really more with you than you think. They are the voice in your head that you don't hear audibly, but that says, "You really don't want to eat that/go there/leave right now/etc."

Pay closer attention to how your body responds to them by showing them how you want to communicate. For example, stand straight, then think of something you like and enjoy, and move your body slightly forward. Then do the opposite and move your body slightly backward. Just tell them to let you start feeling those sensations more clearly when you're uncertain about something, and they will.

I hear Sylvester, but I'm with that cat in the cartoons, a black and white cat, was it? You can call them anything you like; they don't care, but this one seems to be closest to you and is lighthearted, seems to be that way to get you out of a rut -- says you keep repeating things, making the same mistakes, there's a pattern to it, and that it has to do with love relationships AND family. Something about how you can stop this from happening over and over, make a clean break. There's a father or older male figure here who feels he is connected to the problem. It's just a mild disturbance, but it seems to still be with you after many years.

I have an "A"-sounding name with another one, this is your more spiritual, deeper, softer guide who is there to send you through those spiritual, deep times in your life. Says you're really just getting started, and there's a lot more to learn, and you're an eager student. Caring profession is definitely accented, along with work with children in some capacity of caring. You also don't quite trust your dreams and creations, whatever it is you do artistically, and this "A" named person comes in with a sweeping gesture, long cream-colored garment, to cast over you as if to comfort you but also to show you to keep these dreams safely and securely, and not to dispense of them. There's a sense of protecting your dreams that seems important and to trust that your talents are valid and good and can and DO help others, so don't hold back so much, and especially don't start feeling sorry for yourself. All I can get with this guide is a feeling of protective action; protect your skills and talents, and don't put yourself down/sell yourself short. You are worth more than you are asking or charging. Side business for yourself, healing, kindness, compassion, children.

That's all they're going to give me; spirit guides always want to get to know you personally, though they will come to you through others, but count on yourself to contact them 95 percent of the time; they exist only for you, and like the angels, this is their only concern. They do need to feel needed and acknowledged -- their one human trait!

Hope this helps -

God's Blessings,


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