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Hi, My name is Michele and my birthdate is 6/15/65. I would like to know if I made the right choice in changing my career choice. I first wanted to be a shoe designer. I was getting assistance in doing a business plan for a shoe startup. But as time went on the plan became to big and it seemed overwhelming and I quit. ( I also had some health issues ) I decided to just focus on my art and I have been painting. I like the idea of having more freedom with my art and their is little financial startup. The shoe business would be tons of money that I saw no way of obtaining. But my son keeps telling me to don't stop designing shoes. I hesitate on throwing out my sketchbooks. I'm just wondering if I made the right choice. Thank you very much. God Bless.

Using Lenormand cards Stars - Heart - Stork and Moon - you are following your heart Michele, new beginnings are always possible again, the Moon card tells you that you're a sincere and honest person who should trust her instincts (it doesn't matter which career you are in, as long as you are passionate about what you're doing... i.e. following your heart) so really you have the power within you to be successful at whatever you wish to be in...  


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