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Jennifer Grozelle,DOB,September,29,1968,10:19am(2 months premature)in Toronto,Ontario,Canada.Every single day I (unfortunately) see the same numbers.51.Since I can't seem to find full-time work and am dependant on the buses,am I being stalked by this number,51?

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for writing. I don't feel at all that this repeating number means anything in particular; sometimes a number is just a number! People get caught up too much, I think, sometimes, on the superstition of seeming to see one particular sequence of numbers a great deal, but more cognitively, I believe the brain will recognize patterns that occur within a short period of time and then our ego/conscious self will assign a larger meaning to it than is necessary. If you concentrate on wanting to move to Oregon, for example, no matter where you live, you will start noticing all things related to Oregon, such as license plates, etc. It's a common phenomenon, and sometimes numbers can reflect a deeper meaning, but in your case I just don't pick that up at all. Nothing is keeping you from work except yourself and any fears you might have. Just write it off as a "brain blip." We all get them!:)

I feel like you are a natural teacher because you seem to enjoy acquiring knowledge in a way that most people don't; you have a skill for imparting wisdom and information; I hope you use this, because it's a very good talent, and most people don't have the natural knack for it, but you do. Good luck, and thank you for writing.

God's Blessings,


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