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Psychics/Confused ? Need a little insight pls


Me and him
Me and him  
Gustavo Enrique Paulino (1/26/89) Nakita Chitra Singh ( 6/15/93 )

What do you see in our future together ? Be completely honest please dont sugar coat anything im confused right now because of his mixed signals ... Help

Pulling Lenormand cards for you - Ship, Mice, Ring, Crossroads, Mountain

The relationship feels like it's falling apart due to stresses, doubts and fears, some concerns are of a financial nature and perhaps another woman (this can be anyone, even parents, or aunts, or sisters etc...). The relationship hasn't been smooth sailing all the way through either... but this was due to this relationship being of a secret nature, or something secretive here... which is why the future just isn't looking so promising right now. There are so many obstacles to cross, mainly due to this other woman leaving the relationship in a bad state.

Angels are saying that your problems might not be resolved in the manner that you expect, you will be surprised with the 'miracle' that happens; know that whatever happens, happens for your highest good and all others involved. Above all Nakita believe that you are truly deserving of a love so true, because in time another might take the place of Gustavo, just know that whatever happens isn't because of you being a bad person, but because this is just the way it is. Take care, and keep smiling beautiful soul :)


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