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not asking a question about future or anything that's why this is private , anyway why do the fake pyschics use the word negativity a lot and say there's " negative energy around you which needs to be cleared "  ? the real pyschics like the ones on this site will not say anything like that right ? are all the the pyschics shop that are set up in some city's fake as well.?  i read on your profile you can help identify fake pyschics

dear Joan
whenever you have a product with high demand there will be some that try to manufacture fake copies of it, nothing new to it.
However in my many years of experience with all sort of websites I came to learn that some client do not want to hear the truth they want to hear what is pleasent and fit their wishes and they are the one that usually fall for the fake psychic as those will tell them whatever they want to hear about imaginary lover comes their way, money winnings and so on. every one wants to hear good news and many psychic also good one love to give good news and avoid any confrontation. I always suggest that when coming to any psychic the first question you should grant them is a question that you know the answer to. prefely yes or not question and see how they answer it correctly. another way is to read or listen to their words or text and check if its really relate to your reality or not. another way is that they provide you with details they could not have known about you because you did not share it with them . it is that simple.
one more thing before I go is also the believe I carry to each his own meaning if you fall on a real or fake psychic this is what you fit to get in that time many time when in real need of advise or warning you will fall on the correct person to tell you this, universe has its way to do it and I will share with you a lovely sample of it. In one of my birth dates I was hitchiking the country and just came to visit my hometown. going down from the car which gave me the ride there was a spiritual man dressed like Rabbi a bit away calling me with his finger gesture so I approached him curious to know what he wants. the guy pulled out red ribbon and started blessing me and my parents for long life and health etc. I was so happy as I considered him true spiritual man guessing so fine that it is my birth date and even gifting me a lucky gift. of course I tipped him nicely and was going to my way when I couldnt help looking back where I found he is holding a bag of those ribbons and simply call every person that goes down in this station to bless them and collect his tip. however when I complained about him doing fake rabbi acts one of my friends said to me that since I am traveling around and not visiting any church or praying center of any kind the only way of universe to bless me was to send this guy to give me my birthday compliment. lol. so you see? falling on fake psychic sometimes is just what you need to have what is important are the result of such meeting and if it did not damage you too much. and also I apologize if you met those whom you call fake psychics and hope from now on with the tools I offer it wont happen to much .  


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