Hey my name is Arquita (11/07/1988), I would like to know am I wasting my time liking Chris (12/02/1993).  Thanks for anything :-)

Dear Arquita,

Well, I think you already know the answer to this one, but I'll give you my take on it! (First, and this is unrelated, I see a lot of ironing and washing clothes going on; I don't know where you are or what this means, but it may mean that you're "ironing out difficulties" with him and "cleaning out the dirt, the subconscious feeling of needing to be cleansed of him" or something, or it may be literal.)

What are you doing with him? He's not on your wavelength. He's a handsome one in his own way, and can surely be charming, but you're not one to take "no" for an answer, and I think this might be part of the problem! I feel like you're kind of chasing him, because you enjoy being assertive; it's how you seem to operate romantically, rather than waiting around to see if someone approaches you, etc. You just charge right on in!

You also like to run the show and have a lot more energy and are more geared to action in general than Chris is. The only thing I can think of to try to reel him in more is to just slow down a bit and be more patient, if you can manage that!:)) I know it's hard!

A lot of people will always be drawn to you because you're naturally magnetic and have a pure heart, and you have the gift of intuition. Feel you'll work more with that in the future if you don't already. You're certainly cut out for it; psychic people/ancestors are around you; feel there was a line of them, but these were men, not as many women, from one of the four lines of each grandparent. One line was very psychic-minded and they were mostly men.

Okay, back to Chris. He talks, talks, a lot. Very cerebral. Very much a thinker. He seems tall, also. I also hear some back-and-forth but it's mostly your voice, I think, being argumentative (are you accused of this sometimes) or just bickering. Think before you speak; he should do the same. Maybe you've had verbal wars of a sort. Again, he's just on a different wavelength; it's like he creates these images in his mind and creates them in reality, like an actor would do, or a writer. He's kind of self-contained, though he keeps talking so much. Hides his wounds, gets hurt more easily than you think, but he will not let on that he's "not okay." Generally, he's "going places," I'm hearing, and I don't know if that means he's moving, or if he's literally moving up in a certain field, and I keep getting entertainment of some sort -- the public eye. People notice him when he walks into a room.

You're just both too intent on getting your own way, I think, and there isn't enough softness left or maybe it wasn't there to begin with; there's a lot of flirtatious talk and quick minds at work between you two, but I don't feel a physical closeness that feels lasting. I feel you'll end up with a Taurus or someone with the Moon in Taurus. And take your time! No need to go from one to the other so quickly! Patience is your key word for today! :))

I hope this helps!

God's Blessings,


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