Keishia June 6, 1992
Can you tell me anything about my next relationship?

Dear Keishia,

I just read for someone with very similar energies, and it never fails to surprise and kind of dismay me when I come across so many young people who just want the next thing immediately, and are too willing to move headlong into a new relationship. You do like starting things fresh, though, don't you! I feel like that's part of the "best time" during your relationships; the beginnings; you're not as good at working through the middle spots, when it gets a little too comfortable -- I hear a name like Philip, or Charles, and I'm going with the Royal Family because I'm hearing names that sounds very proper, like Edward, or even "Kingston" or "Prince" (wouldn't that be great)! just kidding - or "Baron" or "Lord" or anything that has to do with British royalty and all those titles, like "Earl" and so forth. Could be first or last names, but there it is, and they are also either in navy blue a lot, so they may be in a uniform, the service, military, but there's also a lot of navy blue, deep blue, to you -- so that could be part of what I'm getting.

I also hear "reindeer" and "17" and something about a stuffed animal you got when you were about 17, and it's associated with a person you were in love with then or something, and though it could mean January 7 or the 17th of a month, I'm really going more toward an age, and I see that reindeer-like stuffed animal. There's some sentiment you still carry around about someone, and that may be part of what you're running from -- why are you so keen to move on to the next relationship? I feel like you keep going through them because you're trying to replace or forget a certain person who may be either out of state, or you haven't heard from in years, or is even overseas. I get a great distance with this person, when you were 17. Think back to that year and recall those patterns. I don't what it is about it, but it seems to be telling me to ask you to look back and either retrace those steps or close off something that has long since left but still hangs around your neck like an albatross. I feel some hurt with this, some pain. Nor just the regular hurt. There was also a prominent nickname for this person, something only you and he would know. But again, I just don't feel he's around.

I feel like you could have already started a relationship, because I feel April strongly, and I don't think I'm going for next year. You won't wait that long! Main thing is, follow the path of spiritual peace, whichever one works for you, because that's where you'll find your own truth and that's what matters. You won't be floundering around in the dark; you'll know instinctively when to go forward and when to put on the brakes. I feel like you will be very happy at age 40 -- and I know that seems a lifetime away, but enjoy yourself now and build a secure foundation for your life at 40 -- everything will come together then (feel you will be a grandmother at 40).

You wrote to me because you're thinking, even in a "let's just see what this is about" kind of way, about where you're headed spiritually, and thousands of people never even THINK of writing to or contacting intuitives. So that in itself says a lot about you; you're better than you think, but get rid of the negativity, banish it, and really create your spiritual space. And don't settle. Ever. so many people who contact me are just down and out and broken, and there's no reason for it. People who are very in tune and extremely sensitive will often take on the weight of the world's problems as well as other people's negative, wild vibrations, and think it's coming from them, but they're so naturally attuned to the external that they forget to tend their own soul like a garden and take care of this space.

I will say also that you tend to do and go for the unusual, or what seems unusual to others, but you hear the beat of your own drummer, and follow that. Lots of colors. Do you change hair colors or something a lot, or wear feathers in your hair or some other kind of decoration -- a lot of color around your face. That's good; that shows your strong individuality.

Relationship-wise, spirit does not understand time, so I can't give you a date, only these numbers that come at me, and whatever else they feel like sending. I hope this helps make some sense, and if not, look for the subtleties; keep this and any other readings you get because they may not make sense now but be clearer later.

I wish you all the best and send you God's Blessings,


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