Hello Shepherdess, my name is Tatyana( August 24.1976)  and my husband's name is Pavel (October 21, 1977), we have 2 children. I was wondering what to expect in the future. Thank you so much for your time, God bless you.

Dear Tatyana,

Thank you for writing. I pick up Pavel's influence/energy first -- feel he's a little wacky, but in a fun, unconventional way; he doesn't mind breaking little rules here and there and stirring things up from time to time, and it's usually harmless. But he kind of holds things in, doesn't talk much, but this comes in when he's feeling a bit low about himself; I feel he's normally a very loyal, family-minded person, and he loves his home life and family. Is he overweight or going through a period of low self-esteem for some reason -- if so, he's built up too much internal pressure, which can make him explosive and seem wacky/crazy. I feel like he might just be going through a stage at which he's questioning life's more spiritual matters and this natural curiosity can make him pull into himself, seeming uncertain about things or even selfish at times, but again I feel it's very much just a phase.

I feel like he's going to work all this out on his own, though it may be a slower process than you'd both prefer: I feel like he's going to be less active than usual this year because he's in "responsive mode," or dealing with others' needs or outside/external needs like money issues. It's a good time to be patient, careful, and kind to himself, because in an odd, almost backwards way, this will attract good, positive things and people.

He just has to understand that patience is the key, and that being busy all the time doesn't always equal success -- feel that's his low self-esteem creeping in, saying, "I'm not busy enough; things aren't moving at a rapid pace," and he worries, but his energy is a bit heavier, and it's that kind of heaviness that makes me feel I need a rest in order to gear up again to build for an active future. If you are worried about your relationship, I feel it might be affected by this, but it's more of a temporary kind of "mid-life" crisis, as they call it. They are real!

Your energy is almost separate from his, but it loops/crosses through in certain areas, and I worry a little that YOU may in a similar pattern of not having a lot of confidence and looking to Pavel for a sense of validation, but he's dealing with his own problems!:)

Also get that you may have been attracted to someone else, which of course will complicate things. There are a lot of "buried" emotion/feelings within you, and even the smallest thing  can trigger tension and outbursts. Feels like you're digging up old wounds, but that means you're still carrying them around, and it's too heavy and brings you down. Really do need to bury and rid yourself of these past hurts and look forward. You can't change the past.

Is there some financial tension - it's like your family spending habits have changed a little bit, and you're both kind of "going through the motions" to try to get past this hurdle, but I feel you will if you hold on tight. Remember what it was that brought you together in the first place; this isn't something I'd let go of lightly at all -- this family/relationship has promise, and good fortune is ahead. If you're having these kinds of problems, talk to Pavel and mutually choose areas that need focus and attention, and try to work on just one thing at a time -- then stick to it, and move on to another thing. Next year will be much better and pay off for both of you if you stick to this kind of routine. I want to hold on to this; it's like a sailboat wobbling around on the waves, but I keep wanting to take it back to shore and anchor it.

I hope this makes sense! I don't get a lot of images with your partnership and family; I seem to only pick up on feelings and issues that cause emotional turbulence, but again, it's not something to toss aside. The past is over. Keep reminding yourselves of that. The best can be yet to come, but only if you choose and intend for it to be!

God's Blessings,


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