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Hi O.Shariananda,

Pisces, march 20th 1991.

My greetings to you, warm light and love.

Currently I am single, have been for a while, confused between what I want, and what I need. But as time goes on, the line can be very confusing, but upon reflection, what I want and need seems to be one and the same.  I have been working on myself, praying for love of myself and others, growing, healing, being a better person, and I have changed so much from where I was last year even. Learning to be forgiving (very difficult I might add- took me a while), I love showing others love, doing meaningful things, my heart finds happiness in doing good for others, making a positive difference, so I volunteer alot,i'm quite spiritual so I also practice meditation.

But what am I doing wrong? It seems that the people I like, don't approach me, and the people I just want to hang with, or be friends with do. All I really want, is someone for me, for a change. Believe me, I am working on myself, and I was told to stop looking, it- love will find me. So, I have. But I can't help but wonder if there's something wrong with me when I see someone that I like, but nothing happens. Am I at the wrong place right time, right place wrong time etc, I really don't know.

What can I do? or where am I going wrong?

Pardon for the long message. :)

Chidinma--Thanks for your blessing of light and love--namaste-om shante om

I am surprised at you.
You have done the work.
You are doing the  work.
So, it is a real telling thing that you ask me, "What am I doing wrong?"

Read this print---N   O  T  H  I  N  G-----

Chidinma, there is a gospel song called, "You gotta move." Listen to it on You Tube.
Cassandra Wilson is one artist who sings it. There are many others who do also.

You may not be a Christian but the Christian bible has many iconic heroes who, like you, spent time getting ready for the use that God would make of their lives. Often, unlike you, they were made ready by trials and tribulations.

Paul(formerly Saul til he was struck by lightning on the road to Damascus) was imprisoned and condemned to death for professing his faith as a Roman citizen. Joseph was abandoned in a big city by his envious brothers, only to become a master in a king's court. Jesus dared go against the status quo but beforehand he spent time in the desert meditating, praying, getting himself together.

But my favorite is Moses. He was completely oblivious to his destiny. He started as a humble child found among weeds on the Nile, found by the Pharoah's daughter and raised as a prince. Eventually, he saw the plight of the Hebrews of which he was one, and ended up killing an Egyptian and running away. In the desert, he found himself and his purpose with God--also a wife...haha

So, as one spiritual being to another, know that you have done the hard part. Just hope that you do not ask of God (or your own Great Source within) for such that will call for an immense trial.

I did. I said I wanted to be an oracle of God to be the clearest and truest tool I could become. This I asked for in 1999-2000. Before that I had learned to meditate, taken all kinds of transformational courses. Had therapy. Did forgiveness work, and changed religion twice--Buddhism and Eckankar. But I wanted to have knowing and love and power in my bones, and I wanted love, a true love, a real love, a fair love, an honest and sharing love. I wanted someone like myself--good and kind and helpful and sexy and potentially able to manifest whatever prosperity we dreamed of. I prayed for this. Played my flute and wrote poems about it.

So, I was struck by lightning. In 2006. I could tell you lots about how my healing and further purification went, but I think you're a deep soul and can gather, what I am saying.

Since then, I have moved 5 times. My last has been to Denmark from California. I met my great love (and now wife) on the Internet doing psychic work like this. I have gained greater healing power and I know myself so well. But none of this would have happened at the speed it did, except I pestered heaven. So be warned.

Your love will come to you. Your purpose and direction will take form out of every day work and consciousness. That is the nature of enlightenment. You are not listening when those others tell you, "Wait. Let it come to you.

Chindinma, when the Lord gets ready, you gonna move. I am a witness. You will be caught up so fast when your time comes. Like lightning striking.

Once again--and I hope you can hear or feel the love in my words--N O T H I N G is wrong with you. You are moving with the Spirit. Let it lead. Be grateful for everyday, and take the challeneges of each day as stepping stones to your fulfillment in love and all else you desire.
Keep on helping others, keep on meditating, "keep on keeping on" as the old folks used to say.

PS There may be false starts, but they are practice for your great love. Trust me. Much light and great peace---S  


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