Hello and thank you for you time. My question is about my future, i don't feel well lately and people who offered job didn't hire me.. Can you tell me if you see any luck or wellness any soon? name:Vlada  MAY 3 1987.Thank you.

Dear Vlada,

I normally don't go into health-related areas unless I just pick them up out of the blue, but I feel inclined to answer this -- I get doctors, even veterinarians, around you, as well as healers and other health care workers. Feels like this is either your career path or I'm reading too much into your question about your health. But I get veterinarian, so I don't know why I see / feel that as well. Also feel a slight sense of unbalance, dizziness, vertigo, or like you're in a fishbowl, like the room is spinning. Could be low blood pressure, inner ear, etc., but I feel like it's more about environment and emotionally picking up on others' negative and scattered energies. Yet I go right to doctors, and I think/feel you ARE one in some way.

Also feel construction, building, tireless effort, wilfulness, sweat of the brow kind of manual labor with you. You don't give up easily, and again, this feels like something others in your area are struggling with on some level due to an environmental issue and that your family has also been slightly affected. Do you live with or close to your family -- and are you or have you been in business with one of more of them -- this feels like an environmental factor connected to your living space -- there is chaos around you, but there is a sense of emotional isolation I get from you, like being with a large group of people but still feeling very alone.

I need fresh air; I feel like I'm being suffocated a bit, just too cooped up, and need to walk around in the outdoors. Don't feel you have a health/workout regimen, which is fine, but the need for fresh air, Vitamin D from the Sun, etc., is needed here. It's something you can work out on your own.

That's a lot to throw at you, but I feel like a lot of this health issue is emotionally and intuitively related; you are a very sensitive person and soak up a heck of a lot of energy around you even without realising it. Some people are just that way, and I think this is what's going on.

Feel things will get better if you can separate yourself from the home or the place where you live if it's too crowded or if there is strife and conflict -- PEOPLE can literally make us sick sometimes more than germs or airborne illnesses! Don't doubt your insightful feelings: they are there for a reason, and you should give yourself more credit. The people who haven't hired you don't see your brilliance because you haven't quite owned it yet.

Now this will sound almost too much, but I feel law or police work around you as well! I feel like you have many skill sets; don't sell out for just anything; try to at least do something that appeals to you and will feed your mind. And move house, if you can. "HOME" is a big, looming presence here, and it feels very important that you have an almost sacred, secret place of your OWN to be able to recharge your batteries. You just have a very sharp antenna, and you're picking up/receiving things from everyone, everywhere -- once you begin to draw boundaries AND see you are really worth much more than you've been sending out to the universe, you'll attract that positive, higher energy.

Try this, if you have time: schedule an interview for a job you'd never want. That way, you aren't under any pressure, and you'll build you interviewing/self-confidence skills. But someone or a few people or more are the basis of what I feel are making you feel ill.

I hope this helps at least somewhat! Thank you for writing, and I wish you all the best.

With Truth and Beauty,


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