Hi psychic, my first name is Soon, my full name is Soon  Soong  chai, Dob: 03 Nov 64, lives in JB , Malaysia.

About my career and how is my boss think about me ?

Dear Soon,

Are you taking the easy way out somehow? That's the first thing I hear, and it feels a little bit like you're either cutting corners at work or not really feeling inspired right now and trying to put on a good face, which works most of the time. Feel your boss knows more than you think, but I don't get a feeling that you'll be "punished" in any way or even reprimanded, because you have an air about you that defies authority, and in some sense, I feel your boss is a little intimidated by you. I also feel you can be a little sneaky sometimes.

I'd get out of there anyway, because I don't feel like you really get energy from what you do; it drains you, so go for something more attuned to your natural skill sets and preferences, things you like. I also feel you do something with numbers, but it's lousy or you don't like it, and I feel like you need to use your words, either in speaking, writing, etc., to really feel more complete in your career. I feel like I want you to talk, speak up, and inspire others. I see you happiest in front of people, giving a lecture, and you are edgy/funny about it.

I just don't feel like you're in the right business or in the right job, one or the other, and that is will be easier than you think to make a change. It's also always best to be in an environment that enhances your senses: smells good or clear, not cramped, and I feel like the chair you have now bothers you at work, it bothers your spine/your back, and no one can work with that kind of physical unpleasantness. Ergonomics and personal space are very important to your success. Some people can work all day in a dirty warehouse and it will never bother them, but you're not one of those people.

Take better care of yourself, and don't worry so much about what your boss thinks of you -- consider yourself first, and then when you are happy, everyone else will be, as well.

Truth and Beauty,


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