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Hello :)
My name is Justice DOB is Jan 8 1993. Well I've painfully realized that the romance department is not for me (at least not right now.) So, I'm trying to focus my attention on other things this year like working,self love, and making new friends.

My question is are there any events that I can look forward to in 2014 and if any of these are important, what advice can you give me regarding choices and decisions?

Dear Justice,

To get to your talents, I have to first negotiate with your energy's blockages (as you do, also) so you can proceed forward and not get stuck!

First, you don't trust these innate strengths, like stamina, a magnetic presence, and a kind of doubt about those qualities that can turn into a bundle of fear because you THINK so much! I know there's no button to push to keep yourself from thinking or worrying, and that may just be in your nature, but you've let it get the best of you lately, and that will have to stop so you can burst through barriers that feel like feathers instead of boulders. Visualize that. It will work.

Next, feels like you're still connected to your family of origin or friends from long ago or extended family, and I hear "Pennsylvania," may be not the state but a street name or something; also, it's like I hear city names that aren't cities but are names of places or addresses or buildings, like the "Harrisburg Herald," whatever that is, etc.

It's good to remain close to your loved ones, but it keeps you in a sometimes too-safe place that doesn't let you grow independently -- move beyond that circle with your own sense of inner timing, and take small steps to breathe in the new air beyond that circle. It also feels almost tribal, like I'm in a circle doing some sort of ritual -- but this could be very well related to your guides and/or deep-clade ancestors. With that, I feel I'm going farther north and west, just short of Canada near what feels like a part of what is today Minnesota. I know that's "far out," but it seems to be the presence of your guides; they're not telling you to go there; they're showing you a place that, while you may never live there, resonates within you from another time. I don't feel like I'm looking at the map of today's "America," for example.

Okay, move on, now -- the guides can get too involved sometimes. Your work is what I want to concentrate on -- your field of interest and natural skill sets, which feel like anything that involves close, careful listening -- I'm going with things like court reporting, medical transcription, translation, writing subtitles for film companies (if you can get that kind of gig, let me know -- I'd love to take that on as a side project)!, counseling, 911 operator or police transmission/communication work, or intake adolescent psychiatric counseling, conducting surveys, questionnaires, market research companies that require you to elicit opinions and "chatter" from people. You are a "receiver." You are also likely psychic, and know this. Trust that. You really second-guess yourself a lot!

Feel like your "friend status" is a little sparse because you don't quite trust people, and who is Jennifer or another J or hard G sounding person -- this feels like a groups of young women, maybe a few young men, because I get varying names, and there are two groups of friends, it feels like, who don't know each other -- and Jerry or Geri or Cherry or Cherie, something, they are around, but here's the thing: you don't trust them because you don't trust yourself in the sense of, "This is who I am, like it or not, so those who don't like it may feel free to take their leave, and I have a great uniqueness that restores and fulfills me and reflects well on everyone I meet." That has to come first, and you're moving into it, but I feel like you still have a while to go before you can really validate and own who you are, with all of your wonderful and even quirky qualities. Everything counts, and everything is worth much more than you assign to it, so therefore, your talents slink away because they're not celebrated; they feel unwanted, unnecessary.

I see someone or you making a birthday cake, so I'm feeling like there's an anniversary or a birthday or an anniversary of someone's passing coming up within a month or that has just passed, and it's a white-icing cake, some multi-colored ribbons, a few (four or so) candles, and you in a dining room, looks like one of those old-fashioned but lovely tablecloths, white crochet or whatever that pattern is called. Those deceased near you really appreciate your thoughts, and there's also a young person around you, feels like a nephew, very young, and very dear, about 2, and he'll play a big role in your life, lots of happiness going forward, and I hear "howard" or "howie" or "Harold" or "harry" or something with that - there is a name he will go by that you sort of pick up out of the air somewhere; it will embarrass him later in life but now, and what feels like until December, at least, this person is either coming through (being born) or is in spirit and still in communication, or if not a nephew, he's a close friend's child who will teach YOU, rather than vice-versa.

Also working with the blind, or the hearing-impaired comes into your work life at some point, hospital or medical setting work, but I feel like that's later on. Even work in a hospital reception area, listening carefully and relaying messages, feels very warm around you. Your face sort of radiates and draws people in, and I feel like you remind people of a certain celebrity or are told frequently that "You look just like..." You do naturally attract love, so you'll never have to worry about going out to find it; it will come to you in time.

Overall, this year is one of scattered, kind of up and down, roller-coaster energy, and that's not always a "bad" thing; it allows you to gain momentum and use that energy until you just give out, and then rest and reflect. It's like black and white, yin and yang, up and down. It's a year to prepare yourself for a more active year in 2015, when you'll really get all cylinders going. There's a quiet sort of reflection yet you'll get subtle "hints" and experience chance meetings, things that may seem "destined" or otherwise, or just too coincidental to be for real, so keep your pulse on the small, otherwise insignificant things that you usually ignore; pay more attention to what you say, like "My knees are killing me," etc., because thoughts are things, and you CAN subconsciously talk yourself into illness or a "lack" of something. Or, "That person drives me crazy." He will if you say it enough!:))

Refine the qualities you like in yourself the most, and put those on a beautiful mahogany table, and keep them shiny and clean, and carefully and steadily give them power and color. You're good at visualizing and listening; you can trade on those qualities all your life and come out ahead.

This sounds disjointed, I know, and I apologize, but I have no option other than to give it as it comes to me. You're one of the old souls, and I'm sure you're aware of that, so there's a lot of ground to cover! And that's exactly why things seem so complicated; you've accumulated a great deal of knowledge and wisdom, and now you're trying to put them in order in a filing cabinet. No easy task, but take it one step at a time, and you'll always come out ahead.

Good luck! I wish you truth and beauty,


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