How's my friend Hannah her First name: Ler is her surname , her Christian name: Hannah born on 15 jan 84, . Her name is Hannah ler ,

my Dob : 27 apr 75 .

Thanks .

Dear Michele,

Thank you for writing. You want to know how your friend Hannah is doing? First, I have to go to your energy, because I have to try to pick her up through you.

Do you often press or hold your lips together tightly -- I get a sense of guarded emotions with you, and though you are solid and grounded, you have an inner "volcano" that just blows when things get too intense. This does not happen often, but when it does, you say exactly what you think and no one gets in your way, it seems:)  

Are you a bit of a workaholic, and if so, I feel you've been really struggling and working to get to the top. I get singing, writing, composing, teaching, yet there's a mystery about you. I can't quite pinpoint that. It must be the part you keep guarded and in reserve:)  

For you, it feels like a year of companionship. One-on-one. It is a quiet, gentle, and mostly harmonious feeling; you may feel less active this year than last. The key is to be patient, enjoy, and be receptive, not assertive -- look for things and people to come to you - you don't have to race out and meet them. You've earned this time of tranquility. I also feel a sense of "building" around you, as in for the future, not physically -- just learning, building foundations, new things, tossing out the old. This will bring you peace.

For Hannah, I feel she's up for a year of surprises, exploration, expansion, lots of learning, lots of meeting new people, new opportunities, but at the same time I worry about her a bit. She feels like she's either at the top of the mountain or down in the crevices. There's very little in-between with her. I feel like she, too, can be really materialistic and think this (money) will solve her problems, but if she expresses her more poetic, even philosophical side, she'll find self-freedom. She's what I call a "seeker" in every sense of the word. Want to know everything. Also, who is Evelyn, or Eve or Lynn, or Ethel or something. Figures in somehow. A woman near her, I just can't feel anything else because she's not the one writing. She's shy, a loner, likes it that way, and it's very difficult to get Hannah out of her comfort zone. That is her Big Thing - comfort. She seeks it, as well as a higher, more lofty world than mere Earth provides, but if she can indulge her natural knack for laughter and amusement, or make herself see something or do something hilarious/funny EVERY DAY, and meditate -- she will be on a much better road.

She's graceful, but something of an escape artist -- I don't know if I'm seeing this literally or figuratively, but I see her on a high wire, and I also feel "wired," as though I'm on a drug. Does she have an addiction problem -- seekers like this can often develop addictions in search of that light, but it brings them down. She's hard on herself, but she will hide this and appear funny and socially comfortable. I keep seeing her at a height, high up, as though she lives either in a higher altitude than you do, or she lives "up on a hill," or she does something as simple as be near a treehouse or something. I hope she's not literally "high." She has a GREAT natural talent for healing, and yet she doesn't heal herself very well; she can do this for others but doesn't believe she's as good as she is; she should charge for this kind of work!

I hope this helps, Michele. I always remind people that if anything seems disjointed or does not make any sense at all, try to read between the lines and see the subtleties. I'm a receiver, but I don't always get things clearly; it's like trying to hear something through a fuzzy AM radio station. They also show me often sudden, quick flashes and give me hunches, feelings, and I may interpret these differently than you would recognize in your situation. Also, it's always a good idea to keep this and any other readings you get, either recorded or written, and take them out in a few month's or year's time, when it may make more sense. Time does not exist in spirit.

Additionally, if what I say or the outcome is undesirable, do what you can to change it to your/Hannah's advantage. YOU BOTH have all the power here; I'm merely an interpreter of the energy, but you CAN control and manifest anything you want. Just be clear in your focus and intention, and it's an open road.

All My Blessings, and Wishing You Truth and Beauty,


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