When will I enter a relationship and be happy and comfortable
With the person I'm with

Name keyonia dob 06-28-1992

Dear Keyonia,

I feel like you've been recently set free in some way -- let go or left a relationship or changed it to your liking, but you say you're not quite happy and comfortable. Age 32 resonates as the year to really find your foundations. Lots of other things to do, education, work, people to meet, friends, family matters, to deal with before then. It will all come together in your 30s, though that doesn't mean you won't have a few good relationships before then; just don't jump from one to the other too quickly or sell yourself too short. You're not being discriminating enough. Feel you've been let down, disappointed, because you're only seeing the surface of people; I keep seeing you older, in a comfortable house with a lot of yellow, and I see you doing some kind of sewing or crafts that have to do with creating products with your hands, like a family quilt or something. This is an older house that you "make new" with lots of bright colors, inside and out, but nothing gaudy, certainly; just bursts of orange here and there, and yellows and a bit of green, like an accent wall; you need a home base, and I don't feel like you've felt "at home" much lately. It bothers me a bit, makes me feel sad, because I also feel you work hard to put on a front and appear to not be bothered, even playing around and being funny, making people laugh, etc., when you're hurting. That takes a lot of energy.

Last year feels like you really had to work hard and didn't have a lot of time to meet people, period. And if you did, these relationships just gave out of fuel before they really got started, but this year, I feel like you're going to have more chances to explore and be free. I keep feeling like you're running out of a situation or place and saying, "I'm free!" So it's a good time to sort of expect the unexpected, and let people come to YOU. Don't entice them, don't do anything; the energy is that you're becoming (not quite yet, but almost there) more secure within yourself, and that's going to draw in much more stable, kinder potential partners. It's like you've broken a certain kind of routine. This person has a "VS" to the name, initials -- I just see a design that looks like a V with an S intertwined through it, and it appears to be a personal logo someone creates. This is someone who is well-educated and takes pride in personal appearance. I really feel like I'm getting the one you're going to end up with, and I feel like it will be in another state. One thing to look for in a partner (all of them, for you) are those who either speak or move with precision, even caution; who speak carefully and slowly and get their meanings across. I see you with a partner who is calm in a crisis and who has manners and will treat you like a lady. An earth sign, a Virgo, in particular, is going to be very good for you. I wish I could "time" it, but this is the worst part -- spirit does not understand or go by our sense of time; there is no such thing as time, so I can't really get a grip on that, except when I ask for numbers, and I got 32.

A few surprises are in store this year, and you can branch out more, even beyond your usual circle, and I'm going along the coast with this, near the Atlantic Ocean, but not Florida. Please stay away from Florida. It's all north of there, on that coast, or those coastal states, Eastern Seaboard.

You have an excellent name because look what it says: "Key" and "Own." You own the key to your happiness. You've been giving it away too easily. Also feel your stomach bothers you when you instinctively know you're with the wrong person, so don't hang around as long as you have; get out as soon as you get that kind of queasy feeling. Your stomach is like your barometer; it will tell you straightaway if someone is a good egg or not. Also feel animals around you, especially a cat, and I want to give her a "proper" name, but it's a funny little name, like "Minerva" or something. This is a girl cat.

Again, keep the name you were given very close to you and remember that it has a deeper meaning than you may have realized. Project that, and the start getting in the driver's seat. Don't just hop from one to another without thinking; be selective, and use the good common sense God gave you. It's there, you've just gone off track a wee bit.

Also, I'm craving lemonade all of a sudden, so hope you're enjoying that, and something to do with chicken salad. I don't usually get food, but there it is. Feels like lots of different kinds of chicken salad. I don't know what this is, but it makes me want it!! I'll leave you with that, and with the command to make to yourself that you'll be wiser and expect more from love and people than you ever have before. You're moving up from this point forward. Smiling and being silly and free and having fun.

God's Blessings,


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