5/12/74 39 taurus will i ever find true love and get married ty

card 1 Meadow, vulnerability; it's scary being open about who you are, but you are at a place where you are working on removing the fears and refraining from playing it safe and shunning the beautiful soul that you are. card 2 Dragonfly, emergence; you are so beautiful Christina as you emerge into the next cycle of your life understanding the shifts in awareness that energies can move fast or slow or standstill. You think you're not prepared for the coming changes in your life, but you have learnt from experiences to apply the wisdom. card 3 Wolf, instinct; experiment with your instincts, intuition and listen to what this is telling you. Allow your mind to work with your intuition, and then you'll be able to find your true love, just remember always how beautiful you are - and this magically opens your heart to the universe that you are ready to meet your True Love, keep working on yourself even after you meet him.


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