hi; my name is joseph dob october 4 53. i like vey much a young woman whose name is he-lee. i dont know her dob but shes much younger than me. do u sense we shall have a romance between us? tyvm.

Dear Joseph,

My screen is "off"; I think allexperts might be down or have a glitch, so if this comes across crazy, I'll send a copy to myself in case you don't get it.

First, feel like He-lee likes and deals in extremes -- high or low, good or bad, fast or slow -- it's like there's no middle ground, almost. Her energy is a little zig-zaggy, but I feel that's why you're attracted to her! It's kind of like having two birds in a cage, not quite enough space is here, I feel enclosed, I don't know why but I see her with long dark hair and it covers her face or she holds her head down a lot. I feel like she might dye her hair a lighter color. At any rate, I feel you're almost too alike, despite your age difference. You're a bit rebellious, too, but you may have gained the life experience to curb that instinct and be able to give her a more solid foundation, but my only concern is whether she'd be interested in settling down. Part of her says "yes" and the other part wants to keep going headlong into life, taking risks, and basically living on the edge, is what it feels like. She's a poet or a writer or artist-type, it feels like, and she's really going through a strong period of self-expression that might benefit from being alone for a while. I just don't see her settling down with anyone right now but feel you should remain around because she seems to appreciate and like you -- she may feel you're a good influence on her because you've been through all this stuff, and as long as you keep your distance, I feel like she'll stay around. Just maintain what you have right now and see where it goes later. I also see her using cards, don't know if it's tarot or some other kind of divination, but she has some "secrets" that many don't know about and she's very much involved in her own world lots of times.

I hope this helps and that it comes through okay - the screen is off and I can barely see what I'm typing --

Good luck and God's Blessings!


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