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Iv had a long distance relationship with the man of my dreams for the past 6 months , he is my world and I love him very much , except I want to know why wont he talk to me ? He doesnt want to talk on the phone or skype or anyhing , he tells me to trust him , that he is the guy from the pictures and im honestly to the point were I dont care how he looks , just what to know why ?? Sometimes I even think hes a women ,

Hiii thank you for responding , heres the missing info ,

My name is alma hernandez year 1989 august 29
Hes name is Reese Fernandez year 1986 july 11

Not using any cards, just meditating to receive information - but first it must be said, that it is very strange that you think you have a relationship without meeting/even seeing the picture of this 'so called Reese' - respect yourself, and do not do things a normal couple would do, speak to a grown adult in person about this, someone you feel you can trust - as there are many strangers on the internet who target naive vulnerable girls like you.

It feels like you think you have a 'spiritual connection' with this guy, while the person feels like s/he's lucky to have found you - but I am sensing this luck is a predator feeling more than anything loving. You think that you found a long-term love, but in reality this person is just controlling and dominating you - love is something totally different than the energies I am sensing right here

If I am to be honest Alma, you don't feel any love for this person - it's just something to boost your self-esteem in yourself, do you really need this? As for this person, I don't feel you'll ever meet this person in person. Everything feels so wrong here, and this is not a romantic loving relationship - wake up and smell the coffee Alma, there's so much doubting energies here drizzled on everything.  


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