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Hi, my ex (abdul, 27 july) broke up with me (Ruth, 8 Jan), Still hurts but will like to know if he is coming back or is there someone coming my way? Just wondering if I will ever find true love in my life time!   Tks

Dear Ruth,

This is wild; I just did a reading today (private reading) for someone else who has almost the same patterns, life problems, etc. It's often that way for some reason - people come in groups of certain concerns, but it always kind of blows my mind!

Feel you're really harder on yourself than you may realize in that you kind of "test" people, and this goes for Abdul as well. You even test yourself! This can bring trouble and difficulty to you because of what feels like a deep-seated need to make sure all karmic and earthly debts are paid -- you need to feel completely in balance, almost like a Libra.

Another thing with you -- I get a 2 energy, but it's like I'm feeling two sides to you or two different lives, in a sense, so to answer part of your question, you will definitely live "another life" in this life and find love as you get older - late 30s into your 50s. It's like a feeling of rebirth, or a reinvention of your life and its patterns. Right now you're in "Life 101," let's say, and it's going to be more difficult than "Life 102," which you'll just sail through, with one stable person with whom you can share EVERYTHING and be accepted as you deserve to be, and feel appreciated and comfortable in your own skin. Just don't feel like you're there yet, but you have some really dynamic vibrations, Ruth!

You ARE in control of your destiny to a large extent, so don't fall prey to self-pity or "victim" mentality; you have too much love to give in a BIG way and too much stamina to let what others do affect you so much. Concentrate on your what you DO have to offer, and not what seems to be lacking.

Abdul, as far as I can tell (he feels very far away to me) feels like he needs to be in control a lot, but I do like his energy overall and get that he's a good-hearted person, though I get a little emotional distance with him, as if he kept you at arm's length or kept a part of himself always TO himself. That's not a personality flaw; none of this is; it's just how we're made.

I hear "Trinity," this may be the name of a street, a church, or the number 3 as in the month of March or the 3rd of a month or whatever else comes "in threes," and I feel like if you look at the subtleties in your life thus far, you'll see how certain things seem to appear in threes. It's also about a sense of the deep spirit, not necessarily religious, but finding a balance among the emotions, intellect, and the physical body, as in holistic health. Feel that's where you're headed in a positive, more life-affirming and self-affirming way. Appreciate yourself more; give yourself a wink and a pat on the back once in a while, because you've earned it! Your road is paved with much more golden hues, Ruth. Let go of what has gone and look forward to the new.

I hope this helps, and I wish you truth and beauty,


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