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Dear oracle shariananda,
I left my husband 18 months ago due to his anger issues over a period of 5 years while we were together. I built up walls to protect myself and tried to be strong by finally leaving. I was homeless for the first 6 months but finally sort refuge in a shelter for women.I attend meditation classes, groups, counseling and read. I also successfully finished a nursing course last month and moved into my own place but I am finding it hard to feel good about myself so I can move on and feel confident. I feel stuck. It is affecting my health with recently being diagnosed with IBS. So I'm stuck mentally and physically. Can you please advise me.

Dear Kim,

I greet you now with good news: you are made well in the name of the God I serve.
He (She/It) wants nothing but your health, wholeness, freedom, and joy. In the name of his Son ,I send the Love of God on wings now." THAT IS GIVEN. SNZ

Kim, you are so far out in front of yourself with your dreams of stability and empowerment.
Girlfriend, how many battered or abused or misused woman can say what you have just said? You are a victor of the highest kind. It is extraordinary that you have been able to come through so much in little under two years and now have your life to yourself. You have done so well--possibly as an overachiever--that you have not slowed down to assess where you have been and where you go from here.

You have been helped and protected, although you probably feel like it was uphill all the way. You are not alone now. If you found me, then you are being strongly difrected because I am a beacon like a lighthouse by the shore. God only sends me those who aready to hear. READY?

Take it easy. When the Lord gets ready for your next step, it will be so apparent. It's as though you just ran a hundred yard dash in .00 seconds and you are now breathless, tired, exhausted and needing rest, but you want to line up at the next Start for the next race.
No need to push. None at all. You need to continue with your meditations. You need to take your medicine for IBS(what is that?) and you need to rest. Even Jesus rested after every encounter with the massive crowds that followed him.

People have already told you this. So, I will tell you that what you are calling "being stuck mentally and physically" is just down time to catch up with yourself. The entire movement from him to your new home has been rapid transformation, like coming out of a comma of 20 years and still thinking it is yesterday. You just need to be good to you. When your natural rhythms return, you'll be using that nursing training and your experience through this period to help others. I warn you now--do not believe in ill health. Believe in wholeness and recovery. That is where you are.
Just in case you think I am talking outside of your experience, know that I was struck by lightning in 2006 and my life took a nose dive. I had to come back from the injuries and all the ugly and resentful things I thought about those who did not--to my way of seeing things--come to my aid. I had to learn to trust God, the days of healing, and to find the off button to my mind that kept telling me tired and resentful things. That is the nature of healing and you are out in front of the process. Trust that. Trust your process. This is my advice. The next step will come of its own accord when your mind, body, and spirit are really ready.

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