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Hi, Thank you so much for your time in answering my question.
My name is Virginia, I'm a female currently living in Chico, California,USA. My birthday is January 13, 1994 of Jasper, Alabama. I'm 5'4 white with native American Cherokee Indian, Over-weight, with a beautiful smile, changing eye color from green, blue, grey. Golden Blonde hair.

My Question:
I've recently went for a palm reading & was told I was an old soul.
I've often felt a strong connecting for finding out where I've lived in my past lives. Thinking That maybe I might be picking up on it through dreams and other drives that make me strive to learn more about it. I've had feelings stemming from Ancient Egypt, to 1800's when Big Ben In London opened. I've also been told that my strong willed comes from a tribe I was once in. I basically just want to know what time periods you pick up on to see if my intuition is on the mark or If seek professional help in finding more information about it. Again, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question I truly appreciate it.

card 1 Love, compassion; see through the eyes of love and let go of fear, anger, judgment. Forgive others and see through the illusion that you are not separate from the source of Love divine. card 2 Shaman, ancient healing wisdom; now is the time for deep healing Virginia starting with your relationship with Spirit - sit in your sacred space and call upon the guidance of your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angel to heal any 'separations' you think you might have. Allow the dark thoughts to come, and watch it and see what you can learn from them without getting involved. card 3 Forest, breath; breathe naturally within your sacred space, see if you can connect from beneath an ancient tree - you will know the tree when you come to it - trees are very ancient and very wise, listen to the whispers through the leaves.  


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