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My Dob is 7th April 1992. I will like to know if Kevon(24/04/1984) and I will have a future together and how he feels about me.

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Questioner:   Whitney
Category:   Psychics
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Subject:   Re; Love
Question:   Hi, My date of birth is 07/04/1992 and the guy that I'm interested in is 24/05/1984. Could you tell me how he feels about me and if there is any hope of a relationship in the future.
Answer:   Using Lenormand cards - Bear, Tower, Mountain - you/him/both are defensive and protecting each other from each other, I don't sense that there will be a relationship in this current future direction.

I'm using my tarot deck - cards together Six of Cups & The Fool - until I dive in deeper, I cannot be 99% sure - but I am feeling there are two possibilities here.... 1. is that he's reminiscing about a love he once had, and is content on being single and finding someone else (this does not rule you out of the equation, but it doesn't automatically include you in). 2. you have shared a past live(s) together, but here again it doesn't necessarily automatically class you as his soul mate, because you both can be karmic soul mates which really means, you're in each other's lives to learn something, and then part ways - the sooner the better.  


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