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Greetings. I hope you can help. I am struggling to find a career path that will ideal for me. I am interested in the arts and creativity. Not sure where to direct my energies. Would like to do something that will help other people and the planet. Yet I cannot make a  decision on exactly what would be right. Thank you in advance. Best wishes Jan (Libra,49)

Dear Jan--
I suspect you do not really want me to suggest careers to you, but it is so obvious that you need to look at the possibilities.  But before I give you a small enticing list and some websites to visit,let me give you what you really wrote me for--

To overcome your blockages and circular mind set. You have been tied up inside youtself for a while as if someone has told you you are not worthy or not able or incompetent and do not deserve to give of your talents because they are not "all of that." But you can make a difference.

You have allowed negative people and your own lack of confidence and empowerment to torture you into paralysis. Now, it's a new year and you see something of yourself, how you have held yourself back. You have also allowed personal relations and emotional matters to cloud your judgment and confuse your intention. But you are better now.

So, it's charge ahead now. You are told(by the Guide St.Germaine) to work your magic. Use the stuff that has worked for you in the past when you felt good and strong and able. You have your own strength and wisdom and you have self-knowledge. So that is the pep talk you need to take my Google searches further regarding what you can set your sites on. Here's a beginning list ending with some other sites which list such creative jobs. Find where you can excel and help.

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Career options for creative types
Career options for creative people and what they pay

While a lot of jobs could arguably be creative jobs – lawyers, doctors, clerks and receptionists all might have to get creative sometimes – what we mean in this case is something that might be considered an art. Anything from hairstylist or makeup artist, to graphic artist, illustrator, writer, dancer, that sort of thing. These days creative jobs also encompass the technological sector, an area that’s covered by staffing agency, The Creative Group.

Want to know about other creative areas? The obvious thing here, is that if you’re at the very top of your game, you can make a heck of a lot of money. But, like, say, acting, there may be 100 famous millionaires out of 100,000 of actors, most of whom make very, very little. J.K. Rowling makes gobs as a writer, but most writers really have to struggle to pay the bills. I guess most people know they’re taking a gamble when they opt to pursue creative work.

Here’s what you’re likely to make in ten creative positions in Canada, according to the Workopolis salary calculator, powered by Payscale. The average person isn’t going to get rich doing these jobs, that’s for sure.

Makeup Artist: Makeup artists can spend their time prettying up brides and bridesmaids, or working on news or morning show anchors, television and movie gigs. Then there’s the more specialized special effects makeup. Regular gigs in TV are sweet if you can get them. The movies/FX can pay big time if you’re the best at what you do.

Average salary for a makeup artist: $39,520

Writer: There are all kinds of writers: TV writers, bloggers, book authors, ghost writers, poets, technical writers. It’s not hard to figure out that those whose work comes in iambic pentameter are generally at the lower end of the scale (on average). Tech writers are at the higher end, with an average salary of $56,843.

Average salary for a “writer”: $44,434

Web content producers earn an average of $65,000.

Photographer: Snapping advertising shots of fashion or food, capturing events, wildlife or travel for print or online media. Then there’s portrait photography, editorial photography and artistic photography. Photojournalism is a whole other ballgame, listed as one of the most stressful jobs of 2013 – and the pay is awful, so unless venturing into war zones is your passion, look elsewhere.

Average salary for a photographer: $46,538

Animator: Animation is a world of possibilities and animators can find careers in TV, film, web or gaming – working on everything from ads to video games to cartoons to movie special effects.

Average salary for an animator: $45,451

Courtroom Sketch artist: Maclean’s Magazine recently published their first annual “Who Earns What” issue in which they reveal that those people who quickly sketch the courtroom scenes that cannot be photographed legally earn an average of $30,000 a year.   this partial list comes from there


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