My name is  Allie my birthdate is oct.4 1990   I am seeing a guy named john (d.o.b. dec 16 1986)  I've been a little insecure lately and so my question to you is is this relationship headed down a good path?

Dear Allie,

Thank you for writing. First thing, I don't feel this is a long-term relationship; seems to have started about six or seven months ago. This is not quite enough time to determine its outcome in some cases. However, here, I feel like your feelings for him are not as strong as you would like; I don't feel you're being intimidated or worried; rather, I feel you've felt a bit let down and expected more from him at the outset. I feel like your nature is traditional, and that you prefer to slightly "defer" to the male, and his energy feels a little too casual, not mannerful enough or something that makes you wish you could respect him more. That's what I feel this connection is lacking: a sense of kind, mutual respect.

I don't mean to make it sound like you're a loaf of Colonial bread:) because you're rather edgy in your own way; still, something about him leaves me feeling like I want more, expect more, am disappointed.

He may have picked up on this or not; either way, I feel like he's intense, creative, and more unconventional in general than you are, and I don't feel this is a good match. Also feel him pushing/pulling away -- he will only let me get so close - if that's what you're feeling, it's just not going to work. Your physical energy seems pretty dynamic, but intellectually and value-wise, you're coming from two different wavelengths as far as I'm able to tell.

I hope this helps, though I wish I could have said something more encouraging! I must give you exactly what I get, so there it is. There are others who await; let the fire die out slowly on this one (I feel like it will anyway). It's no one's "fault"; it just doesn't fit.

Wishing you truth and beauty,


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