Hi, and thank you so much for offering a free question. My name is Alyson and my birth date is March 26, 1972. My question involves a man named Stephen with a birthdate of May 19, 1981. Stephen and  I have broken up recently after dating for almost a year. He was my best friend. He is acting so mean and hateful-and I honestly do not understand. Can you give me any insight on whether this anger is really hate or love? please, I know it may sound trivial, but I would be so grateful for any insight you may be able to give me. It would help me alot. Thanks again!!

Using Lenormand cards, Key - Crossroads - Mice - Whip - Coffin - he was your karmic soul mate, so this means that the both of you met to learn lessons together, and when one/both of you learnt it, his time was 'up' - so his actions might seem confusing, but it was just that he had to disconnect in the only way he knew how to, to move on to meet his next soul mate. So he was 'suddenly' or maybe over time? but you didn't notice? filled with doubts and wasn't sure how to express these, so he became angry. You have to let him go completely Alyson, you will only be hurting yourself by hanging longer onto him. Normally karmic soul mates do not stay together for a long time, unless one/both of you are very slow in grasping the lesson.


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