Hi, my name is Dipti and my date of birth is 30t April 1979, and my question involves my ex-fiancee Rishi, dob-28th July 1977. We were in a relationship and engage to be married for 6 years. He broke up with me recently 3months back(but we met twice after that). I love him a lot and he used to say he too does that but now he is seeing someone else and stopped talking to me also. I want to know if u can give me some insight on whether its all over between us or should i wait for him as I cant imagine a life without him.
Thank you and God bless you!

Using Lenormand cards - Mice, Lily, Clouds - whatever you had with your ex, it's over. Nothing is going to happen with him again. You should move on too :) as you say you love him... let it be unconditional, love him but release the pain you're feeling from the rejection. Take away the good memories, heal the past, forgive everything.... and then let go. Another guy will walk into your life when you make space for him.


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