Bryony 13 DEC and Harry 31 DEC

Next year my boyfriend and I will be separated for a year whilst he is studying in America. We will only see each other once every 3 months. I love him very much and the thought of being away from him for so long is worrying me. Could you please tell me anything you know about whether or not we will survive it.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Bryony,

You and Harry: First, I feel you're a very contained person emotionally, but within that certain, stable space, you're bursting with ideas, plans - I don't know why but politics comes to my mind with you - you'd be an excellent mayor or some kind of town leader. I definitely feel you march to your own band and don't have trouble finding people to follow you. Quite charming!

Feel in a sense you kind of look forward to this time away from Harry; there's the side of you that does get too dependent and feels like you absolutely need him, but the other side of you reminds me of the expression, 'too much of one thing/person is too much.' Almost like you like to keep him at a distance, and this will work in your favor.

Now, his energy: Melded with yours, you both seem to go to a magic, almost imaginary place, and I feel poetry, the muse, I see/think of old novels, films, about 19th century and earlier times, language, literature, all that beauty, beautiful furnishings, clothing, very decadent, almost, and it's like you tend to have that certain spark with him that no one else does, and vice versa.

I see/feel a beautiful, bucolic garden with butterflies and hammocks and large trees and tree houses and what feels like a 'secret garden' kind of thing you've either created in your minds or in something you've written or photographed together, or how you see the relationship. It really does feel like a throwback to another century.

He's a little more insecure than you are, and I feel if he hasn't already had his heart broken, he will. Many times. He just doesn't think he's quite enough somehow, and that holds him back. Weak vibration there, but everywhere else, I feel like he's just bounding with creative ideas and imagination. He reminds me of a Pisces, who just lives in the moment, but soaks up too much of what goes by, including others' energies, which leaves him depleted, and he's a worrier, has a habit he does when he worries, with the bones or something? Cracks knuckles? Or something with the teeth. Grinds teeth? Loses sleep? He really worries way too much, but that's how he's made. I also get a penchant for possible addiction, and just a lot of extremes, high and low, black or white, no real middle ground. He is not tempted to stray right now whatsoever. Once every three months is a very good middle ground. It will teach you more about each other; trust that.

I just re-read your question, and I'm surprised to now see that you say YOU are worried; I don't feel that's going to be the case, because I feel like you will certainly miss him and even feel lonely at times, you're going to be working harder than you may realize this year -- lots of practical stuff, not time to be overly social or spend too much money or lie about. You may feel put-upon, like you're in a rut, things are too routine, you'll never get out of that place, etc., but this is the work you have to do in order to move on. Otherwise, you WOULD be stuck. Build your resources and keep busy. There is more to do (I see weed-pulling) than you may think.

I also go back in time with music a bit, as well - something reminds me of The Partridge Family of all silly things, but this may not be connected to music but to the name or address Partridge or something about that era in music, not sure. No idea why I'd see that.

Overall, I feel like your bond is so strong and does seem to go back in time in a way I can't quite address or put my finger on, I'm hearing/feeling, "the die is cast" and I see a ribbon tied around a batch of what look like old letters, and I feel secure and not worried and that I want to stay AWAY from those feelings of "need" and too much dependence, because it's useless; you already have a strong foundation. I don't feel like you'll part simply due to distance. It's "set," I'm hearing.

Things can always change, but this is how it comes to me right now; it feels very much in place, and worry shouldn't be a part of either of your lives right now; it's a ripe time for you both, in separate areas, and he will gain strength, as will you, this year. I don't see a separation. I see a ring, that he already gave you, of some significance.

Hope this helps!

Truth and Beauty,


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