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pug Wilson
pug Wilson  
Hi psychic, my name is Chong Jin Jin Dob: 27 apr ,75, lives in Johor, Malaysia.

I have been searching my lost dog , I missed him terribly . his name is Wilson, he was lost n running away my home last  2years ago on 30/6/2012. He was born on 19 June 2008.  How's his condition ? Where n how I gonna to find him back ????Thanks!

Dear Chong,

I appreciate you writing to ask about Wilson. Many people do not understand that pets have souls and feelings and are part of our families just as much (or often more) as people, and I think very highly of you for including such a spirited, wonderful soul in your life.

For some reason, I don't feel he's away; you say he left two years ago, but I feel like he's with you or near you. If he isn't living next door or under your porch or somewhere really close to you that you can't see or don't notice (which would be pretty much impossible), then I feel like he's crossed over and has returned to you. I feel like he's "back."

Does he, did he bark at the weather, or thunderstorms, or lightning, high winds, anytime weather was a bit violent, did he tend to "bark at it" -- I feel like he is your protector and lived only for that reason, and when he left, as you say, he was "chasing the weather" and got caught up in it somehow. They go by pure instinct, and though I'm not an animal communicator, I feel like he knew it was time to leave this plane (if he crossed over) to take care of you that way. I just do not feel like he is gone. Did he run away around 3 p.m. or 3 a.m., I'm seeing the clock at about 2:45 or 2:50, and during some time of inclement weather --

It's very strange because I feel a strong sense of him being here still, which means one of two things: he's either very close to you (next door, no farther than that) or crossed over and has returned to you. His spirit, his soul, is near you. It's almost as if he is saying, "I am here, can't you tell?" in a playful way.

I wish I could be clearer, but animals don't have egos, which allows their spirits to be much stronger and come through much more clearly than people. He does not want you to grieve. His only purpose is to comfort and look after you. They just give; they don't understand selfishness.

Let your mind open and be still and very quiet, and let him come to you; it's as if your grief is keeping him away, because they do certainly pick up on your feelings, and if you feel really sad, he will too. The gift is that you once had each other's companionship on the physical plane; the greater gift is that he will never leave you. Think in positives, not negatives. All is well.

Sending you Truth and Beauty,


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